Greyson Chance Says Ellen DeGeneres Was 'Insanely Manipulative' As His Early Mentor

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Once touted as Ellen DeGeneres’ philharmonic protégé, Greyson Chance present claims the “insanely manipulative” comedian and erstwhile daytime TV big “completely abandoned” him aft his archetypal unreserved of success.

Chance, who grew up successful Oklahoma, roseate to viral fame successful 2010, erstwhile a video of him performing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” astatine a schoolhouse endowment amusement deed YouTube.

That aforesaid year, the clip ― which presently has implicit 71 cardinal views ― helped onshore him an invitation to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Following the appearance, DeGeneres signed the musician, who was lone 12 astatine the time, to a caller grounds statement she co-founded, and talented him with $10,000 and a caller piano.

In an interrogation with Rolling Stone published Thursday, however, Chance said that DeGeneres grew “domineering and mode excessively controlling” during her clip arsenic his mentor and that she lambasted some him and his mother, Lisa, astatine slightest erstwhile down the scenes.

“My full week, my full month, my full twelvemonth could alteration [with] 1 substance connection from her,” Chance, present 25, told the publication. “That was horrible.”

Watch Greyson Chance’s 2010 quality connected “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” below.

When it came to performances and different nationalist appearances, Chance said DeGeneres would dictate his outfits, and urged him to mimic Justin Bieber’s style.

“She would travel successful and look astatine a rack, outcry astatine stylists, berate radical successful beforehand of maine and say, ‘This is what you’re wearing connected the show,’” helium said. “She was conscionable degrading to people.”

He continued: “I’ve ne'er met idiosyncratic much manipulative, much self-centered, and much blatantly opportunistic than her.”

A typical for DeGeneres declined to remark to HuffPost.

Later successful the interview, Chance said DeGeneres “completely abandoned” him aft his 2012 EP, “Truth Be Told, Part 1,” underperformed. His final appearance connected “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” came successful 2019, 2 years aft helium came retired arsenic gay.

During the interview, DeGeneres applauded him for surviving his truth. In hindsight, Chance said the praise felt “cheap.”

“That’s truthful messed up, that you’re present showing the satellite arsenic if we’re truthful tight. We’re truthful good,” helium told Rolling Stone. “And down the scenes, you are this insanely manipulative person.”

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” wrapped its 19-season tally successful May. The host, however, spent overmuch of the last 2 seasons successful a fog of atrocious property brought connected by a brace of BuzzFeed exposés published successful 2020 successful which “Ellen” staffers claimed they were subjected to a toxic civilization of racism, fearfulness and intimidation connected the job.

Some connected societal media suggested Chance’s accusations may be auspiciously timed, arsenic the instrumentalist dropped a caller album, “Palladium,” connected Friday. In a video posted to TikTok connected Thursday, the instrumentalist acknowledged the criticism, but nevertheless stood down his claims.

“I americium grateful for her giving maine a start,” helium said. But “I americium truthful continuously inspired by radical that archer the information and that muster up the bravery to archer the information erstwhile it is difficult, erstwhile it’s non-convenient and erstwhile it’s painstaking. That’s wherefore I did this, due to the fact that I needed to archer the truth.”

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