Grown Man Snags Baseball Over Little Girl, And Fans Aren't Letting It Slide

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A five-second clip of a antheral snagging a shot from implicit the heads of children astatine a Washington Nationals crippled is causing a heated statement connected Twitter.

The clip, originally shared by @GinaHilliard33 connected Thursday, shows a small miss raising her mitt to awesome for a souvenir shot from Nationals’ close fielder Joey Meneses.

“Grown antheral steals shot from small girl,” the idiosyncratic wrote portion asking for the outfielder to motion a shot for her daughter, who is presumably successful the video.

A shot soars implicit and heads toward the young instrumentality erstwhile a antheral with a Nationals jersey for Juan Soto, a erstwhile subordinate with the team, swoops successful for a large steal.

The clip resurfaced again connected Tuesday pursuing a tweet from baseball media marque JomBoy Media.

“This is it. The worst 1 of all-time,” the marque wrote.

The clip’s reemergence comes a week aft a fan, who allegedly has a past stealing location runs from younger fans, infuriated viewers erstwhile helium swiped a shot retired of the mitt of a teen astatine a Kansas City Royals game.

Twitter users swiftly sparked a statement implicit who deserved to drawback the souvenir ball, with 1 idiosyncratic saying the miss got “beat astatine her ain game” while trying to scope successful beforehand of different kid.

Others bashed the big and called the determination “embarrassing” considering the ball’s worth.

I conscionable don’t get wherefore it’s hard to crook to kids and manus them a ball… careless of who catches it…. Make a kids time “should” supply much gratitude past taking a shot location to amusement your dada due to the fact that you inactive unrecorded successful the basement

— Cheezel (@zchastain) September 6, 2022

I recognize the vexation but the outfielder was decidedly pointing towards the teenage boy. See inactive pic. Plus helium astir apt saved these small girls from breached teeth oregon precocious dental bills. They were not adjacent holding mitt successful due position.

— Doug Wanoy (@festive2018) September 6, 2022

I disagree. As an adult, I person less years to unrecorded than the children do, who person the remainder of their lives to drawback a ball.

— Pylon (@mitl234) September 6, 2022

Twitter users who claimed to beryllium astatine the crippled came to the man’s defence and alleged the kids successful the video got tons of souvenir balls during the game.

That happened close successful beforehand of us. He gave the shot to who I’m guessing is his girl disconnected screen. My lad got a shot aboriginal successful the crippled and gave it to the lad successful the bluish shirt, who was beauteous distraught aft this happened.

— tombratten (@tombratten) September 6, 2022

The Nationals decided to skip past the heated treatment and replied to the idiosyncratic who posted the clip past week.

hey Gina! Mind giving america a travel and we'll nonstop you a DM?

— Washington Nationals (@Nationals) September 6, 2022
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