Guangzhou's COVID outbreak deepens as more lockdowns loom in China

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BEIJING, Nov 8 (Reuters) -

COVID-19 cases sharply escalated successful Guangzhou and other


Chinese cities, authoritative information showed connected Tuesday, with the planetary manufacturing hub warring its worst flare-up ever and investigating its quality to debar a


citywide lockdown.

New locally transmitted infections climbed to 7,475 nationwide connected Nov. 7, according to China’s wellness authority, up from 5,496 the time earlier and the highest since May 1.

The summation was humble by planetary standards but important for China, wherever outbreaks are rapidly tackled erstwhile they surface. Economically captious cities, including the Chinese superior Beijing, person jumped connected the rising infections, demanding much PCR tests for residents and locking down neighbourhoods and adjacent districts successful immoderate cases.

The crisp rebound volition trial China’s quality to support its COVID measures surgical and targeted, and situation the expectations of investors that the world’s second-largest system could soon reopen its borders oregon adjacent backmost disconnected from its zero-tolerance approach.

Guangzhou, superior of Guangdong province, reported 2,377 caller section cases for Nov. 7, up from 1,971 the erstwhile day. It was a melodramatic leap from conscionable double-digit increases 2 weeks ago, arsenic the sprawling confederate Chinese city, dubbed the “factory level of the world”, battles its astir superior outbreak ever.

Many of its districts, including Haizhu astatine the bosom of city, person imposed varying levels of curbs and lockdowns. But, truthful far, Guangzhou has resisted a broad lockdown similar the 1 successful Shanghai earlier this year.

Shanghai, presently not facing a COVID resurgence, went into a lockdown successful April and May aft reporting respective thousands of caller infections regular successful the past week of March.

Zhengzhou, superior of cardinal Henan state and a large accumulation basal for Apple supplier Foxconn, reported 733 caller section cases for Nov. 7, much than doubling from a time earlier.

In Beijing, authorities detected 64 caller section infections, a tiny uptick comparative to Guangzhou and Zhengzhou, but capable to spark a caller burst of PCR tests for galore of its residents and a lockdown of much buildings and neighbourhoods wherever cases had been found.

“The lockdown concern has continued to deteriorate rapidly crossed the state implicit the past week, with our in-house China COVID lockdown scale rising to 12.2% of China’s full GDP from 9.5% past Monday,” Nomura wrote successful a enactment connected Monday.

“We proceed to judge that, portion Beijing whitethorn fine-tune immoderate of its COVID measures successful coming weeks, those fine-tuning measures could beryllium much than offset by section officials’ tightening of the zero-COVID strategy.”

In the southwest metropolis of Chongqing, the metropolis reported 281 caller section cases, much than doubling from 120 a time earlier.

Chongqing officials person enactment caller curbs connected areas successful astatine slightest 4 districts, closing immoderate karaoke lounges, creation halls and amusement venues, successful a concern which a section authoritative described arsenic “complex and severe”. (Reporting by Ryan Woo, Bernard Orr, Liz Lee and Jing Wang; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan)


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