Guy Fieri Says He's 'All In' To Officiate Kristen Stewart's Wedding

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A honeymoon travel to Flavortown could soon beryllium successful the cards for Kristen Stewart.

In a Thursday appearance connected “Today,” personage cook Guy Fieri said he’d beryllium consenting to preside implicit Stewart’s forthcoming wedding to Dylan Meyer aft the “Spencer” prima suggested helium officiate her nuptials earlier this week.

“I heard done the Flavortown grapevine that you are looking for a sweet, spiky-haired officiant for your wedding,” Fieri said, via a pretaped video that aired toward the extremity of Stewart’s “Today” interview. “I’m each in!”

Stewart appeared delighted by the clip, and told big Hoda Kotb that she wasn’t kidding erstwhile she’d suggested Fieri arsenic an officiant successful a abstracted interview with Howard Stern this week.

“Do you cognize wherever helium lives?” she said. “What’s his address? Does helium unrecorded successful LA? We should speech astir this.”

The media buzz astir Stewart’s wedding began Tuesday aft the histrion confirmed connected “The Howard Stern Show” that she and Meyer, a screenwriter, had gotten engaged.

When Stern pressed for details of the ceremony, Stewart said it would beryllium a low-key matter astatine the couple’s location successful Los Angeles. She did, however, person immoderate cheeky thoughts connected their officiant.

“We’re conscionable going to bash it ourselves and conscionable not person idiosyncratic officiate, benignant of similar person different enactment progressive successful our moment,” she said. “But we did perceive that Guy Fieri from the Food Network officiates a batch of cheery weddings. So the thought of that antheral ― that sweet, sweet, spiky-headed antheral ― coming to our wedding and officiating ... it conscionable makes maine laughter truthful much!”

Fieri, who hosts the Food Network bid “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and “Guy’s Grocery Games,” made headlines successful 2015 erstwhile helium presided implicit a wide wedding for 101 same-sex couples successful Miami. That lawsuit was co-hosted by chap cook Art Smith and erstwhile Florida Gov. Bob Graham, and featured desserts prepped by Duff Goldman of “Ace of Cakes” fame.

Stewart’s engagement coincides with her instrumentality to the large surface arsenic Princess Diana successful Pablo Larraín’s “Spencer,” which opens Friday.

Catch Kristen Stewart’s interrogation with Howard Stern below.

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