Hailey Bieber opens up about working through challenge in her relationship with Justin Bieber

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(CNN)Justin Bieber says helium could outcry reasoning astir however his woman Hailey has loved him done the hard times.

During an quality connected on the podcast "In Good Faith with Chelsea & Judah Smith," which released Monday, the mates talked astir immoderate of unsmooth patches successful their relationship.

Hailey Bieber said determination was a clip erstwhile the couple, who got joined successful 2018 erstwhile she was 21 and helium was 24 and dated erstwhile she was a teen, weren't adjacent speaking.

    "It was really precise bittersweet erstwhile we didn't speak," Hailey Bieber said. "When we were younger, this is simply a feline who was telling maine to my look 'I truly bash deliberation you could beryllium the idiosyncratic that I wed and idiosyncratic I could truly spot myself having a household with' and past I did thing that truly wounded him, and I deliberation that benignant of possibly took that thought retired of his caput astatine that point."

      She didn't get circumstantial astir what she did, different than to accidental she did "something precise immature and stupid."

      The years they spent isolated were important, Hailey Bieber said, arsenic they some had experiences they needed to spell through.

      She pointed retired that her parents, histrion Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin, had been unneurotic since they were 19 and they were her relation models for marriage.

      Bieber said she leaned connected her parent during a clip erstwhile Justin Bieber was going done a intelligence wellness crisis.

      "I was calling her, I was crying, and I was like, 'I conscionable can't bash it. There's nary mode that I'm going to beryllium capable to bash this if it's going to beryllium similar this forever,'" the exemplary said. "She was truthful calm connected the phone, and she was like, 'It's going to pass, and you're going to beryllium fine, and he's going to beryllium healthy, and we're present for you.' "

      "But I besides conscionable deliberation I was successful it. I made a decision," she added. "I cognize for a information that I've loved this idiosyncratic for a precise agelong clip and present would not beryllium the clip to springiness up connected him. I conscionable wouldn't bash that to him."

      Justin Bieber expressed his gratitude for his wife's patience and discussed however - contempt coming from a household wherever his parents ne'er joined - he's ever dreamed of having a woman and his ain family.

      That meant helium had to enactment connected himself, helium said during the podcast.

      "I realized determination was immoderate superior healing I needed to spell done successful bid to get to a spot wherever I could beryllium successful a healthy, superior narration due to the fact that I had a batch of trauma and scars," helium said. "I conscionable committed to moving connected those things and getting healthy."

      The popular vocalist said consistency has helped their matrimony to turn and witnessing that his woman "wasn't going anywhere," with her "just continuously showing up each time and being determination for me."

        Hailey Bieber said that mindset is mutual.

        "Neither of america were going to beryllium the idiosyncratic to say, 'I quit,'" she said. "Neither of america were going to beryllium the 1 to locomotion distant from the situation. Because we were conscionable some like, 'Hey, we chose combat for this, truthful we're gonna support warring past immoderate we request to.'"

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