Haiti gang leader says fuel distribution can resume as blockade ends

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Haitian pack person Jimmy "Barbecue" Cherizier said connected Sunday that substance trucks tin attack the Varreux terminal without fearfulness for their safety, days aft constabulary broke up a blockade that had halted substance organisation for astir 2 months.

The G9 conjugation of gangs led by Cherizier successful mid-September dug trenches and enactment up barricades astatine the entranceway to Varreux, starring to crippling substance shortages and creating a humanitarian situation arsenic Haitians struggled to find nutrient and water.

"Once again, the drivers and employees of the Varreux terminal tin travel down without fear," Cherizier said successful a video circulating online. "We've decided among america ... to let for the state to beryllium released."

Haiti's constabulary connected Friday said they had retaken power of the terminal aft confronting the gangs successful the area. Heavy shooting continued connected Saturday, said 1 root acquainted with the situation, adding things had calmed down connected Sunday.

It was inactive not evident erstwhile substance would statesman flowing.

"Our authorities is moving hard connected getting our citizens backmost to mundane activities," said a spokesperson for Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who declined to remark connected Cherizier's statement.

"We admit the efforts of the nationalist constabulary forces. We request schools to reopen. We request to spell to elections truthful our state tin person morganatic institutions."

The blockade created a humanitarian situation truthful terrible that the United Nations past period discussed sending a onslaught force to instrumentality backmost power of the terminal.

The substance shortages halted astir economical enactment and forced hospitals and businesses to standard backmost operations sharply oregon unopen their doors, conscionable arsenic the state suffered an outbreak of cholera.

The United States and Canada connected Friday imposed sanctions connected 2 Haitian politicians, including the president of the country's Senate, who Washington accused of abusing their positions to postulation drugs and collaborate with gangs.

Reporting by Harold Isaac successful Port-au-Prince and Brian Ellsworth successful Caracas; Editing by Daniel Wallis

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