'Harry Styles Did Not Spit On Chris Pine,' Actor's Rep Clarifies

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As “Don’t Worry Darling” continues its beleaguered rollout, histrion Chris Pine is attempting to enactment allegations of a saliva-filled altercation with co-star Harry Styles down him.

The 2 inadvertently sent societal media into overdrive Monday aft attending the movie’s satellite premiere astatine the 2022 Venice Film Festival successful Italy. Video footage taken up of the screening appeared to amusement Styles spitting connected Pine earlier taking his spot wrong the theater.

On Tuesday, a typical for Pine dismissed the claim.

“This is simply a ridiculous communicative — a implicit fabrication and the effect of an unusual online illusion that is intelligibly deceiving and allows for foolish speculation,” the rep said successful a statement to Variety.

“Just to beryllium clear, Harry Styles did not spit connected Chris Pine,” the connection continued. “There is thing but respect betwixt these 2 men and immoderate proposition different is simply a blatant effort to make play that simply does not exist.”

The Pine-Styles incidental ― dubbed “Spitgate” connected Twitter ― is the latest successful a growing database of sagas, some existent and imagined, to look earlier “Don’t Worry Darling” opens successful theaters aboriginal this month.

At a property league earlier Monday’s screening, manager Olivia Wilde attempted to downplay reports of a falling-out betwixt her and the film’s main star, Florence Pugh. Noticeably absent from the property conference, however, was Pugh herself. Though the histrion arrived successful Venice aboriginal Monday successful clip for the movie’s premiere, she seemed to debar oculus contact with Wilde during a lasting ovation.

The off-screen play surrounding “Don’t Worry Darling” whitethorn crook retired to beryllium much compelling than the movie itself. Early reviews person been mixed, though critics are nevertheless heaping praise connected Pugh’s performance.

“Pugh ever delivers, adjacent erstwhile the worldly is beneath its star,” IndieWire wrote, portion USA Today complimented the histrion for her quality “to marque everything she’s successful amended – and, lad howdy, it’s needed present arsenic the crippled grows much convoluted.”

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