Harry Styles jokes about that Chris Pine spitting speculation

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(CNN)At slightest Harry Styles has a consciousness of humor?

The histrion and vocalist made airy of recent speculation helium spit connected "Don't Worry Darling" costar Chris Pine during that film's debut astatine the Venice Film Festival.

Videos circulating connected societal media showed that Styles joked astatine his Madison Square Garden performance connected Wednesday that helium had gone "very rapidly to Venice to spit connected Chris Pine."

    Earlier this week, radical connected the net went chaotic aft footage from the movie festival showed Styles approaching Pine to instrumentality a spot adjacent to the histrion astatine a screening of the thriller. As Styles moved to his seat, helium made a subtle "puh" question with is mouth. Pine past looked down astatine his lap, paused his applause, shook his caput and grinned arsenic if determination whitethorn person been immoderate benignant of gag betwixt the 2 stars.

      The full incidental got truthful large that a denial of immoderate spitting was issued.

      "Just to beryllium clear, Harry Styles did not spit connected Chris Pine," a rep for Pine told People magazine. "There is thing but respect betwixt these 2 men and immoderate proposition different is simply a blatant effort to make play that simply does not exist."

        Director Olivia Wilde besides faced questions arsenic to whether she and the film's star, Florence Pugh had experienced a falling out.

        "Florence is simply a force," Wilde said during a property league astatine the festival. "I can't accidental capable however honored I americium to person her arsenic our lead. She's astonishing successful the film."

          "As for each the endless tabloid gossip and each the sound retired there, I mean, the net feeds itself," Wilde said. "I don't consciousness the request to contribute. I deliberation it's sufficiently well-nourished."

          Pugh walked the reddish carpet for the movie astatine the festival, but was incapable to enactment successful the property league due to the fact that of a scheduling conflict.

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