Hastings Law to Change Name Linked to Native Massacres

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A Times nonfiction helped galvanize a propulsion to rename the school, whose laminitis masterminded the slaughter of Yuki men, women and children.

Thomas Fuller

Nov. 3, 2021, 8:24 a.m. ET


The committee  of directors of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law unanimously agreed to alteration  its name.
Credit...Mike Kai Chen for The New York Times

As a instrumentality pupil successful 1950s San Francisco, Willie Brown paid small heed to the sanction of the schoolhouse helium was attending: the Hastings College of the Law, named aft the state’s archetypal main justice, whose acheronian past was not wide known.

“People did not wage attraction to thing named 100 years agone oregon 150 years ago,” Brown, the erstwhile San Francisco politician and Democratic powerfulness broker, told maine erstwhile I called him Tuesday evening. “None of america did. And peculiarly me.”

But arsenic the federation reassesses its history, discussions of symbols and names are present a acquainted portion of governmental discourse. One of the latest humanities figures to travel nether scrutiny is Serranus Hastings, the instrumentality school’s founder, who masterminded a Gold Rush-era slaughter of Yuki men, women and children successful and astir his Mendocino County equine and cattle ranch 160 years ago. The massacres were portion of a pattern of killings paid for by the California Legislature successful the aboriginal decades of statehood.

Last week, The New York Times published a front-page nonfiction connected the Hastings bequest with the headline, “He Unleashed a California Massacre. Should This School Be Named for Him?” On Tuesday, Brown was applauding the unanimous determination by the committee of directors of his alma mater, the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, to alteration its ain name.

Joseph Cotchett, a high-powered lawyer and 1 of the biggest donors to Hastings, said the nonfiction helped galvanize alumni astir the thought that the sanction indispensable beryllium changed.

“Right present successful progressive San Francisco, there’s a schoolhouse called Hastings,” Cotchett told maine connected Tuesday. “Are you kidding me? It’s scandalous.”

The dean and chancellor of the school, David Faigman, had antecedently argued forcefully for retaining the name, but told maine helium present saw the sanction alteration arsenic a “necessary step.”


Credit...Mike Kai Chen for The New York Times

Faigman initiated an enquiry successful 2017 into the actions of the school’s founder, and with it a wider statement implicit however to code the sins of the past. Before Tuesday’s determination helium had argued that the assemblage should support its sanction portion pushing for restorative justice, including maintaining a programme focused connected Indigenous instrumentality and pro bono ineligible assistance for tribes successful Round Valley, the country wherever the Hastings massacres took place.

His archetypal position, Faigman told me, was partially shaped by comments from Yuki tribespeople that they had felt erased by past and that removing the Hastings sanction would further seal that humanities erasure.

But adjacent aft Tuesday’s determination a fig of questions stay unanswered, including what the caller sanction volition be, and whether the authorities volition beryllium forced to repay Hastings descendants the $100,000 donated by Serranus Hastings, a sum that would contiguous scope into the millions of dollars. The school’s enactment said the schoolhouse was “to beryllium everlastingly known and designated arsenic ‘Hastings’ College of the Law.”

The sanction alteration indispensable beryllium done done an enactment of the Legislature. One suggestion, the University of California, San Francisco College of the Law, would origin “brand confusion” with the University of California, San Francisco, Faigman said.

Col. Claes Lewenhaupt, a great-great-grandson of Hastings who sits connected the instrumentality school’s committee of directors, said by substance connection Tuesday nighttime that changing the school’s sanction was “the close happening to do,” though helium said helium was “saddened” to spot the Hastings sanction spell due to the fact that of the school’s much caller relation with helping the underserved.

Deb Hutt, a Yuki tribeswoman who lives successful Round Valley, was besides ambivalent. She said a radical of alumni and different acrophobic San Franciscans reached retired to her aft the nonfiction was published. “A value was lifted,” she said.

But she told maine she wasn’t satisfied with simply a ballot to alteration the name.

“They are trying to close their wrongs,” she said. “It’s a shallow victory.”


Credit...Meghan Dhaliwal for The New York Times
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