'Hazing' Grapples With Multiple Complex Truths Around The Harmful Tactic

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Ask anyone you cognize their thoughts astir hazing, and you’ll apt get a assortment of astute yet conflicted responses. That’s not due to the fact that there’s a question of whether inflicting bodily harm connected someone, sometimes to the constituent of death, is wrong.

Rather, it’s the discourse surrounding it that radical conflict with — the tendency to fulfill a agelong bequest of Greek beingness successful college, beryllium to a fellowship that is peculiarly tethered to the young Black world experience, and pursuit a feeling of accomplishment aft crossing implicit by immoderate means.

The normalization of this experience, often considered an honor, is portion of what makes it specified a analyzable taxable to sermon and an adjacent much entangled transgression to prosecute.

Filmmaker Byron Hurt, who perpetuated this signifier with the fraternity Omega Psi Phi successful the past and has since advocated against it, grapples with each furniture of this speech successful his thoughtful and often devastating caller documentary, simply titled “Hazing.”

Through compelling interviews with surviving household members and friends, arsenic good arsenic psychologists, scholars, activists and immoderate of Hurt’s ain enactment brothers, “Hazing,” premiering Monday connected PBS, confronts the galore analyzable truths and helps physique a pathway toward reform.

Director Byron Hurt interviews a movie  subordinate   for "Hazing."
Director Byron Hurt interviews a movie subordinate for "Hazing."

Marcell Pickens

The task called for Hurt to instrumentality a hard look astatine the situation astatine hand. Many of america are good alert of the countless hazing cases that make quality headlines, lone to dissipate from our consciousness excessively soon afterward. The filmmaker spends clip examining immoderate of the ones that near him astir affected, arsenic good arsenic their quality toll.

“I wanted to instrumentality this contented extracurricular of the confines of Greek life, and I wanted to amusement the scope of it,” Hurt told HuffPost. “So, what I tried to bash was zero successful connected the stories that truly made maine consciousness emotionally charged.”

Among those is the lawsuit of George Desdunes, whose enactment brothers astatine Cornell University allegedly tied up and quizzed the 19-year-old astir the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, forcing him to portion whenever helium got a question wrong. He died of acute intoxicant poisoning.

There’s besides the communicative of Kristin High, a 22-year-old parent who, along with 24-year-old Kenitha Saafir, drowned successful 2002 during an alleged Alpha Kappa Alpha hazing incidental astatine California State University, Los Angeles. The 2 pledges were forced to bash calisthenics connected the formation for hours into the nighttime and past locomotion backward into the ocean, according to a suit from High’s family.

Each communicative that Hurt and his squad revisit successful “Hazing” implores the audience, arsenic good arsenic the filmmaker, to reexamine our knowing of the subject.

Family members of Kenitha Saafir and Kristin High
Family members of Kenitha Saafir and Kristin High

Kevin Chung

That way, we tin summation a fuller knowing of wherefore radical pledge successful the archetypal place, the longtime reverence for Greek beingness and however each of this is excessively often preyed upon successful the guise of a alleged rite of transition that is truly a signifier of brutality and sometimes murder.

This ritual is shaped by contradictions that Hurt acknowledges adjacent successful his ain life.

“People whitethorn question this due to the fact that of my story, but I emotion my fraternity,” helium said earnestly. “I’m inactive active. I inactive wage my dues. I inactive spell to meetings. I inactive enactment successful the assemblage work events that we have. I person a tremendous magnitude of respect for the men successful my organization.”

That’s partially owed to the inspiration of a household member, arsenic it is for galore young, peculiarly Black men who anticipation to transportation connected a loved one’s esteemed legacy.

“My uncle was a subordinate of the organization,” Hurt said. “I looked up to my uncle. My uncle was an upstanding, precise progressive subordinate of Omega Psi Phi. And successful galore ways I wanted to beryllium to my uncle that I was antheral capable and worthy capable to beryllium a subordinate of his organization.”

That analyzable knowing of masculinity is capable to capable countless much books. But “Hazing” shows the agelong and storied past of however that is bolstered socially and familially, arsenic good arsenic popularized successful movies similar “Dazed and Confused” and “School Daze.”

A country   from the 1993 movie  "Dazed and Confused."
A country from the 1993 movie "Dazed and Confused."

Archive Photos via Getty Images

Hurt is acold from the lone 1 wrestling with ingrained, and unarguably archaic, beliefs astir hazing. Many institutions person taken a stance against hazing. The yearly National Hazing Prevention Week, coming up again aboriginal this month, brings attraction to this contented arsenic well.

For what it’s worth, different members of Hurt’s fraternity are besides actively warring to alteration the strategy from the inside, which is crucial. But that benignant of caput reset is not easy. After all, it’s astir challenging a bequest that is embedded successful collegiate culture.

“At the extremity of the day, I conscionable consciousness similar we don’t person to beryllium joined to carrying connected contented conscionable for the involvement of carrying connected tradition,” Hurt said.

“There could beryllium caller ways of approaching the bonding process and I conjecture presenting challenges to young radical to marque them enactment hard to participate an enactment without putting them astatine hazard of dying.”

And Hurt is hopeful that members of the younger generation, who speech much openly astir things similar intelligence wellness than their predecessors ever did, tin assistance pb that complaint to effect change.

Brent McClanahan II, a erstwhile  pledge to Kappa Alpha Psi, is interviewed successful  "Hazing"
Brent McClanahan II, a erstwhile pledge to Kappa Alpha Psi, is interviewed successful "Hazing"

Kevin Chung

“They privation to beryllium seen arsenic valued and respected, and they privation to consciousness arsenic if their process of initiation was a credible process,” Hurt said.

“What they’re yet looking for is respect among the rank of the group. So, however tin you bash that without putting radical astatine hazard of being wounded oregon killed?”

That question, successful and of itself, should marque each of america see wherefore earning respect would beryllium tied to enduring a heinous ritual.

“Hazing” wrestles with this precise thought successful a striking speech betwixt Hurt and Temple University prof Marc Lamont Hill. The student is shown a 2011 video of an alleged Kappa Alpha Psi hazing ritual successful which Brent McClanahan II, a 25-year-old azygous begetter and pupil astatine California State University, Bakersfield, is beaten with whips, canes and paddles.

McClanahan — who is besides interviewed successful the film, on with his begetter (another erstwhile pledge to Kappa Alpha Psi) — sustained herniated and ruptured disks. He was besides temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.

“I tin spot however that, retired of context, could look brutal,” Hill says soberly astir the video. “And I’m not retired present advocating that radical should spell done that. What I would accidental is that radical should spell through something.”

What helium says adjacent truly highlights a difficult, prevailing truth: “When I spell done the hardest crap successful my life, erstwhile I’m struggling the most, I look backmost and say, ‘Because I went done this, I tin bash that.’”

Marc Lamont Hill successful  October 2014
Marc Lamont Hill successful October 2014

Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET

Hurt understands this statement, arsenic it bears resemblance to his ain acquisition and past feelings.

He past asks Hill, who is himself a subordinate of Kappa Alpha Psi, if that’s truly existent — whether helium really feels helium had to acquisition what helium did to physique his stamina for life’s challenges.

Hill’s response? “Maybe!”

But a small implicit 5 minutes aboriginal successful “Hazing,” aft we larn much from McClanahan astir immoderate of his trauma and carnal rehabilitation, Hurt circles backmost to Hill, who’s fixed his comments further thought.

“I conflict with this myself,” Hill says. “I inquire myself, however is it that I person acold much precocious and progressive conceptions of masculinity, astir emotion and relationships, astir sports, astir acquisition — astir each these others areas?”

He pauses portion considering his ain question — a bully 1 astatine that.

“Why is this happening the happening wherever I thin to person contradiction? I deliberation portion of it is that heavy down, I did that crap for thing — that nary of it mattered, that nary of it meant anything, that I went done each of that and did each of that for thing that doesn’t magnitude to anything.”

James Vivenzio, who is interviewed successful  "Hazing," alleged brutal practices astatine  Penn State.
James Vivenzio, who is interviewed successful "Hazing," alleged brutal practices astatine Penn State.

Courtesy of PBS

Well, some things tin beryllium true. The method was astatine champion questionable if Hill inactive thinks astir it today. But the result of being a portion of the revered fraternity that helps him consciousness a consciousness of self? That’s not nothing.

But there’s overmuch nuance here. This is simply a indispensable infinitesimal of idiosyncratic clarity from Hill that echoes the sentiments of galore erstwhile pledges, including McClanahan and Penn State hazing whistleblower James Vivenzio. The second two, some interviewed successful “Hazing,” are present erstwhile members of their fraternities.

Hill’s realization is 1 of the galore truths that you person to deliberation astir erstwhile wrestling with the hazing crisis, particularly successful existent time. His speech with Hurt, which the filmmaker described arsenic a “a sincere engagement betwixt 2 Black men who were grappling with hazing,” made Hurt privation to contemplate matters adjacent more.

“It’s symbolic of the conversations that galore radical who are successful these organizations are truly dealing with close now,” Hurt said.

“It’s similar the aged mode of doing things versus the caller mode of doing things, and questioning however overmuch consciousness does it truly marque to clasp connected to definite rituals that tin beryllium considered abusive.”

Hurt caught himself with that past comment, proving erstwhile again however overmuch the dialog and the mode we speech astir hazing indispensable proceed to evolve.

Robert Champion's parent  (second from right) and begetter  perceive  during a proceedings  implicit    their son's decease  successful  October 2014.
Robert Champion's parent (second from right) and begetter perceive during a proceedings implicit their son's decease successful October 2014.

Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

“Let maine accidental that again,” Hurt restarted. “That are abusive, and that nary longer truly service america different than carrying connected a contented that we judge — oregon that we’d similar to judge — has immoderate value, and that benefits america immoderate mode successful the agelong run. You cognize what I mean?”

Anyone who’s gone done America’s world system, 1 of the astir accepted institutions we inactive uphold, could surely recognize that statement. We’re a civilization that thrives connected tradition, nary substance however small it behooves us. Yet we are, dilatory but steadily, chipping distant astatine it.

Even for its director, “Hazing” provides a batch much to chew on, including however we alteration the connection astir the practice, with the connection “hazing” itself coming into question. Pamela Champion, who’s interviewed successful the movie astir her lad Robert, a 26-year-old pupil who died during a marching set hazing incidental astatine Florida A&M successful 2011, called for a reckoning.

“In her position, the connection ‘hazing’ minimizes the existent enactment of unit oregon the enactment of abuse,” Hurt said. “It softens the world of it, and that what her lad experienced was murder, that these young radical murdered her child.”

“When you enactment the connection ‘hazing’ connected apical of what happened to her child,” helium continued, “it automatically makes it little harmful: ’Oh, it was conscionable thing that this idiosyncratic went done by choice, and an unfortunate, tragic mishap happened.’”

A memorial work  for Kristin High successful  Compton, California, successful  2002.
A memorial work for Kristin High successful Compton, California, successful 2002.

Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Actually, it’s much similar what Hurt realizes aft speaking with Champion: “They are readying carnal abuse. And successful her son’s case, helium was killed due to the fact that of the beating that helium took.”

The misunderstanding that these victims willfully tolerated specified atrocities is portion of what makes different straightforward cases truthful challenging to prosecute, preserving an cognition that these are conscionable pranks gone awry.

Hurt had to deliberation astir this again erstwhile Desdunes’ mother, who is interviewed successful “Hazing,” asked him to alteration the documentary’s archetypal subtitle: “How Badly Do You Want In?”

“She said the subtitle suggests that my lad wanted severely capable to beryllium successful this enactment that helium was consenting to die, and that’s not true,” Hurt recalled. “So, she respectfully and politely asked maine to region the subtitle, which I did.”

Helping to rewire people’s reasoning astir the realities of hazing is pivotal for Hurt, who said that seeing hazing arsenic a prime reduces our empathy for the victim.

A hazing ritual successful  New York City successful  1951
A hazing ritual successful New York City successful 1951

Bettmann via Getty Images

“Hazing” offers a blueprint for what to deliberation astir successful narration to the issue, with the knowing that overmuch enactment inactive needs to beryllium done. Clearly, it has to beryllium a continued process to which radical connected each sides are committed. Young radical present indispensable proceed to advocator for themselves and beryllium honorable erstwhile they brushwood thing that violates their idiosyncratic ethics.

But Greek organizations, coveted by truthful galore young people, indispensable besides enactment to institute new, healthier traditions. As Hurt said, helium didn’t person the connection to talk up successful defiance of what was going connected erstwhile helium was pledging, but helium encourages younger generations to bash truthful today.

“I’m ever seeking to turn and germinate personally, conscionable arsenic a quality being, arsenic an idiosyncratic person,” helium said. “And I privation my assemblage to grow. I privation america to germinate and situation definite things that request to beryllium challenged, and to fto spell of things that are nary longer utile to us.”

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