Here's How the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Stacks Up to the Audi Q4 e-tron

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2021 volkswagen id4 pro s awd
Michael Simari|Car and Driver

The Volkswagen ID.4 is VW's instrumentality connected a modern electrical crossover for the people. Featuring astir identical proportions to its twin, the Audi Q4 e-tron is the somewhat preppier and much costly of the pairing. With our caller reappraisal of the Q4 e-tron and a little thrust successful a prototype of the 58.0-kWh-equipped ID.4 caller successful our minds, present seemed arsenic bully a clip arsenic immoderate to spell implicit the differences successful each car. Here's however they compare.

Motor Configurations and Power Figures

Both the ID.4 and the Q4 e-tron travel successful 2 disposable powerfulness levels. At the basal level, some are disposable successful a rear-drive configuration, equipped with a azygous rear-mounted centrifugal providing a meager 201 horsepower. Optionally, some models tin besides beryllium had with dual motors, bringing the added payment of all-wheel thrust and bumping powerfulness output to 295 horsepower. In our investigating of some the single-motor and dual-motor ID.4 setups, neither produced peculiarly breathtaking performance. The rear-motor ID.4 reached 60 mph successful 7.6 seconds, portion the dual-motor mentation achieved the aforesaid successful 5.4 seconds. We haven't had the accidental to bash a afloat instrumented trial of the Q4 e-tron yet, but we expect akin 60-mph times.

2021 volkswagen id4 pro s awd

Michael Simari|Car and Driver

2022 audi q4 etron


Battery Size and Range

Volkswagen offers a prime of 2 artillery sizes to Audi's 1 and delivers somewhat much range. For 2023, VW is adding an further cheaper option, a 58.0-kWh artillery battalion bully for an EPA-estimated 209 miles of range. The ID.4 has an optional, much costly 77.0-kWh battery, which offers an EPA-estimated 275 miles successful rear-drive models, and 250 miles successful AWD versions. Our 75-mph trial of a rear-wheel-drive 2021 ID.4 showed a real-world road scope of 190 miles.

The Audi offers lone 1 artillery which delivers somewhat little scope than the likewise equipped ID.4. Audi forgoes the cheaper 58.0-kWh artillery and equips the 2023 Q4 etron with the aforesaid 77.0-kWh artillery recovered successful the much costly ID.4 models. The rear-wheel-drive Q4 e-tron provides up to 265 miles of range, portion the all-wheel-drive mentation offers an estimated 242 miles for the Sportback assemblage benignant and a little 236 miles for the squareback.

Both vehicles diagnostic an 11.0-kW onboard charger. Interestingly, the Audi besides loses retired successful stated maximum DC fast-charging figures. The 58.0-kWh Volkswagen tin grip up to 140-kW of DC output. The 77.0-kWh artillery VW tin judge a higher 170 kW of DC charging, portion the Q4 is lone rated to judge 150 kW.

Interior and Cargo

Inside, some cars consciousness distinctly similar the brands they hail from. The ID.4's interior is comfy but understated. It features a recently modular 12.0-inch halfway show and a redesigned halfway console. The halfway show features interaction controls besides recovered successful the existent procreation Golf. It besides features a unsocial cogwheel selector mounted to the close of the integer instrumentality cluster. On the different hand, the Q4 follows caller interior trends from Audi. Gear enactment is handled by a toggle-style shifter mounted connected a peninsula jutting retired from the dash. Audi is upgrading from the 10.1-inch surface successful 2022 models to a larger 11.6-inch surface angled toward the driver. Optionally, determination is an augmented-reality head-up show that projects moving icons for navigation onto the windshield. Volkswagen beats retired Audi purely connected infotainment surface size, but we similar Audi's MMI.

2023 volkswagen id4


2022 audi q4 etron interior


In presumption of cargo space, VW claims 30 cubic feet with the rear seats up and 60 with them flat. Interestingly, owed to a quirk successful the EPA guidelines, the Sportback Q4 provides somewhat much abstraction than the SUV mentation allowing for 26 cubic feet of retention with the seats up and 54 with them down. The SUV provides 1 little cubic ft of abstraction for some measurements.


The ID.4 comes successful importantly cheaper astatine the basal end, with the 58.0-kW equipped mentation starting astatine $38,790. The cheapest Q4 comes equipped with the larger artillery but starts astatine $49,995. Optional all-wheel thrust is besides much costly for the Audi wherever it costs $5000 successful opposition to the $3800 Volkswagen charges. Getting the Audi successful the Sportback signifier adds different $3000 to the price.

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