Here’s How This Portable Power Station Will Make All Your Outdoor Adventures Better Than Ever

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If I’m being wholly honest, I’m not peculiarly savvy erstwhile it comes to technology. So, erstwhile I was archetypal introduced to the caller RIVER 2, a portable powerfulness station from EcoFlow, on with its different models, the RIVER 2 Max and the RIVER 2 Pro — I wondered whether I was going to consciousness overwhelmed. Everything I’d archetypal work astir it was giving maine “year 3022” vibes, and I assumed it would beryllium acold excessively analyzable for a self-described Luddite similar maine to fig out.

But, aft conscionable a fewer aboriginal trial runs, I consciousness similar I mightiness really beryllium acceptable for a small clip traveling jaunt now. Here’s however the EcoFlow RIVER 2 has helped maine to amended powerfulness my manner outdoors:



The RIVER 2 proved itself not lone incredibly accessible for a tech-averse idiosyncratic similar me, but it’s besides efficient, affordable, and compact. As idiosyncratic who is not lone tech illiterate, but occasionally strapped for time, I was besides relieved to spot that the RIVER 2 was afloat charged and acceptable for usage each time aft plugging it successful for conscionable 40 minutes!

And, it was ace casual to usage the companion app to way the charging rate, artillery life, and the station’s almighty output that tin grip aggregate devices astatine once. Smart power astatine my fingertips, wherever the time takes me? That’s a big tick.



Running disconnected conscionable 1 charge, I recovered the RIVER 2 large for powering things similar outdoor speakers, lights, and different appliances (take note, chap campers/glampers retired there).

With its petite stature and long-lasting artillery time, the RIVER 2 is adjacent suitable for powering a portable projector setup — perfect for an alfresco movie night. I should accidental that, arsenic I unrecorded successful Los Angeles, we inactive bash outdoor events adjacent successful November — truthful my powerfulness presumption is inactive getting plentifulness of use!

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Since I enactment astir wholly remotely, the RIVER 2 has besides recovered its mode into my enactment life. Having a lightweight, portable powerfulness presumption is cleanable for powering my distant enactment setup connected the go.

If I recovered I needed to get retired of the house, oregon simply wanted to enactment connected the fly, the RIVER 2 could travel on with maine (in a tote container nary less), and question everyplace from my section java spot to the Great Outdoors.


The RIVER 2 is besides large for usage astir the location arsenic a backup powerfulness root successful lawsuit of blackouts — thing I often acquisition successful LA during vigor waves. Plus, successful the lawsuit of an outage, the RIVER 2 automatically switches to artillery powerfulness successful nether 30 milliseconds, truthful I ne'er had to interest astir losing powerfulness for long.


In summation to each of the above, it’s besides 1 of the astir cost-effective powerfulness stations around, with a terms constituent of conscionable $239. And since the RIVER 2 tin past up to 10 years if utilized erstwhile a day, you fundamentally upwind up paying conscionable astir $20 a twelvemonth for sustainable, safe-to-use powerfulness that you tin instrumentality with you anywhere.

So, if you, similar me, are a spot tech-shy, and haven’t been definite wherever to commencement erstwhile it comes to portable energy, commencement with the RIVER 2 — it volition (quite literally) airy your mode forward.

For much details connected however you tin powerfulness your manner with the RIVER 2, caput to Enter the codification EFSD10OFF astatine checkout for 10% disconnected connected the RIVER 2 and the RIVER 2 Max.

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