Here's How To Get The Best Internet Experience In Your Home

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Understand speed. When it comes to net speed, astir net users are apt acquainted with “5G,” which represents the 5th and astir existent procreation of mobile/cellular technology. 5G tin beryllium utilized to present high-speed net work to your home, utilizing adjacent cellular towers to nonstop a awesome to your modem oregon router.

When it comes to 5G internet, however, immoderate factors — deliberation trees, buildings and adjacent windows — whitethorn really bounds the reliability and velocity of users’ location net by lengthening the region the awesome needs to question oregon by blocking the awesome altogether. But with Cox’s reliable, fiber-based broadband web and a fewer adjuvant tips to maximize your location network, you whitethorn beryllium capable to attain net speeds that are even faster than 5G providers.

Light trails successful  clouds successful  the sky
Light trails successful clouds successful the sky


Get to cognize fiber-based networks. While a 5G compartment awesome indispensable question from a cellphone operation oregon mobile hub to scope the modem, router, oregon net gateway successful your home, fiber-based work uses in-ground wiring to present a much unchangeable net transportation with faster speeds.

Providers similar Cox connection fiber-based net speeds up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) with availability that reaches 99% of homes successful their serviceable locations. Plus, Cox offers entree to implicit 3 cardinal Wi-Fi hotspots to guarantee you’re covered wherever you roam.

Young pistillate   holding telephone  portion    waiting connected  a metropolis  thoroughfare  astatine  night
Young pistillate holding telephone portion waiting connected a metropolis thoroughfare astatine night


Look for ways to summation speed. Internet velocity tin beryllium affected by a fig of factors. The accustomed suspects are sending ample files oregon utilizing tons of devices astatine once, but adjacent the determination of your router oregon modem tin impact your net speed.

If your transportation is lagging, look to solutions specified arsenic resetting instrumentality oregon trying retired an ethernet cable. Additionally, marque definite your devices and web are up to day with the latest information to support against speed-eating malware and viruses.

Adjusting your router placement tin besides person a important interaction connected your net speed. You don’t privation to spot the router excessively adjacent to walls with pipes, your microwave, large metallic objects oregon adjacent a food tank, as immoderate of these could disrupt the Wi-Fi signal.

Smartphone transmitting data
Smartphone transmitting data


Understand however accelerated your net should be. If your net usage is confined to immoderate airy streaming and net usage (emailing, a spot of web-surfing), you whitethorn lone request astir 25 Mbps.

If your household loves to stream, chat, game, and surf the web, however, you whitethorn request a spot much velocity to support everyone connected.

For example, with 250 Mbps download speeds, you could download an full medium successful lone 6 seconds oregon an HD movie successful conscionable 60 seconds. This level of velocity supports 6–7 devices for gaming, streaming, virtual learning and astir immoderate different mode your household uses the internet.

Cox takes the guesswork retired of connectivity by providing you with a stable, reliable net connection. Discover America’s fastest net download speeds here.

Based connected Cox Gigablast download speeds of up to 1 Gbps compared to mean download speeds delivered implicit a 5G connection. Individual results whitethorn vary.

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