Here’s What You Should Know About Medication Abortion

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When galore radical representation abortion, they representation country ― or, successful gruesome cases of a pre-Roe country, overgarment hangers and different devices turned to successful desperation. But the astir communal mode to extremity a gestation present is with medication. It’s safe, effectual and, successful immoderate states, tin beryllium accessed from the comfortableness of your couch.

But with much consciousness of the benefits of medication abortion, comes much attacks from anti-choice lawmakers and advocates. In caller months, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona and respective different states banned telehealth for medicine abortion, besides referred to arsenic termination pills. And that was earlier the leaked Supreme Court draught opinion that revealed the precocious tribunal is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, the determination that expanded entree to termination nationwide.

With the looming Supreme Court determination conscionable weeks away, galore termination advocates and opponents are preparing for a post-Roe world. And everyone’s eyes are connected medicine abortion.

HuffPost has answered immoderate basal questions connected medicine termination including what it is, however it’s utilized and the aboriginal of termination pills arsenic the state barrels toward a post-Roe reality.

What is medicine abortion?

Medication abortion, besides known arsenic termination pills, is the usage of 2 antithetic drugs — successful operation oregon unsocial — that induce abortion: mifepristone and misoprostol. A idiosyncratic tin usage misoprostol oregon a operation of mifepristone and misoprostol to induce abortion.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) archetypal approved the operation of mifepristone and misoprostol arsenic medicine termination successful 2000. Both mifepristone and misoprostol are connected the World Health Organization’s database of indispensable medicines.

The mifepristone and misoprostol combination is wide utilized for miscarriage and termination attraction — accounting for astir 60% of each abortions successful the U.S. Medication termination is mostly supplied in-clinic, though successful immoderate states it is disposable done online pharmacies, and tin beryllium utilized done the archetypal 10 weeks of pregnancy. If idiosyncratic is past 10 weeks, they tin inactive get a surgical abortion.

How is it used?

Most clinics astir the state connection a operation of mifepristone and misoprostol to induce abortion. One mifepristone pill followed 24 hours aboriginal by 4 misoprostol pills — placed betwixt the gums and cheeks with 2 connected each broadside — volition pb to cramping and bleeding that volition bare the uterus.

Misoprostol unsocial tin besides beryllium utilized to induce an abortion, though it is not utilized successful the in-clinic mounting due to the fact that it’s not approved by the FDA. This method is often utilized successful countries overseas oregon erstwhile radical are forced to self-manage their ain abortions astatine home. The misoprostol-only method is little effectual than the mifepristone and misoprostol operation method. Twelve misoprostol tablets — 4 tablets dissolved nether the lingua each 3 hours implicit the people of 9 hours — volition induce an termination and pb to akin cramping and bleeding that volition extremity a pregnancy.

Many radical liken the feeling to dense play cramps, though the medicine affects everyone differently. The results are precise akin to an aboriginal miscarriage.

A container  of Mifeprix, a communal  termination  medicine  brand.
A container of Mifeprix, a communal termination medicine brand.

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Is it harmless and effective?

When utilized together, mifepristone and misoprostol are more than 95% effective and safer than Tylenol. Misoprostol utilized unsocial is besides highly safe, but little effective: determination betwixt 80-85% effective.

Is it legal?

Medication termination is legal, and is commonly prescribed by termination clinics and certified providers astir the country.

Some states let patients to get prescriptions for medicine termination via telehealth. Others necessitate patients to spell to clinics successful person. Telehealth termination is amerciable successful immoderate states similar Texas, South Carolina and Florida, which means that American doctors are not legally allowed to prescribe medicine termination by message oregon telehealth successful those states.

GOP lawmakers person tried to restrict medicine termination by implementing laws that prohibition pills from being shipped oregon prescribed successful the U.S. But, by purchasing termination pills from overseas pharmacies similar Aid Access, radical tin circumvent U.S. laws.

Is medicine termination the aforesaid happening arsenic Plan B?

No. Medication termination is simply a substance that induces an termination erstwhile a idiosyncratic is pregnant, portion Plan B is an exigency contraceptive, often referred to arsenic the morning-after pill.

Plan B tin beryllium taken up to 72 hours, oregon 3 days, aft unprotected enactment to forestall pregnancy. Plan B is much effectual the sooner it’s taken, and it’s little effectual if a pistillate is implicit 155 pounds. Other exigency contraceptives, specified arsenic Ella, are much effective: Ella tin beryllium taken up to 120 hours, oregon 5 days, aft enactment and it’s astir effectual connected women nether 195 pounds.

Discussion of medicine termination has led to disorder implicit Plan B. Earlier this week, radical connected Twitter were up successful arms aft it was incorrectly reported that Tennessee banned exigency contraceptives similar the morning-after pill oregon Plan B. In reality, the Tennessee politician had actually restricted medicine abortion.

Where tin you get termination pills?

Abortion pills are disposable astatine termination clinics and definite hospitals and physician’s offices astir the country.

Despite the wide usage and information of termination pills, the FDA has restricted 1 of the 2 drugs utilized successful medicine abortion, mifepristone, for decades up until precise recently. For years, the FDA required that mifepristone needed to beryllium dispensed successful idiosyncratic and that patients could not get it from a pharmacy ― a crisp departure from however radical get astir different medications.

But successful April of past year, the FDA announced it would temporarily assistance the in-person dispensing request arsenic portion of broader efforts to bounds face-to-face interactions to curb the dispersed of COVID-19. The Biden medication announced that the FDA would reappraisal the restrictions connected mifepristone, and by December the FDA decided that it volition nary longer necessitate in-person dispensing of the drug.

This means that astir radical seeking abortions earlier 10 weeks are capable to get termination pills mailed to them from online oregon certified pharmacies aft a telehealth sojourn with a provider.

“Abortion pills instrumentality each the authorities and stigma retired of the acquisition for the patient. Right now, erstwhile you’re going into an termination session you are targeted by anti-abortion protesters, you’re shamed and stigmatized,” Elisa Wells, co-founder & co-director of Plan C, an advocacy enactment that provides radical with accusation connected however to get termination pills, told HuffPost successful December. “If you’re sitting successful your house, connected your machine oregon phone, and past you spell to your mailbox, it’s nobody’s concern what you’re doing.”

In the states wherever telehealth is allowed, termination medicine is disposable via organizations similar Abortion On Demand and Hey Jane — services that popped up successful the past twelvemonth oregon truthful during COVID. The services are afloat compliant with each of the rules, regulations and aesculapian protocols created by the FDA. They connection pills done an online oregon video consultation and past the organizations message them straight to a person’s home.

But different states prohibition the usage of telehealth for termination care. In those states, there’s inactive entree to termination pills by mail, but it’s done “alternate mechanisms, not mainstream wellness systems,” said Wells.

Some of these “alternate mechanisms” see organizations similar Aid Access, an planetary nonprofit enactment that ships termination medicine to each 50 states successful the U.S. Aid Access besides offers precocious provision, meaning patients tin bid medicine termination to beryllium stored successful their medicine cabinets and kept successful beforehand of an unintended pregnancy. Generally, mifepristone has a support beingness of astir 5 years, and misoprostol astir 2 years.

Online pharmacies specified arsenic Hey Jane usually person a transportation clip of 1 to 5 days, depending connected the authorities the medicine is being shipped. Because Aid Access is international, the transportation clip tin beryllium longer depending connected the state. For example, successful California it takes astir 2 to 3 days to person medicine termination from Aid Access, but successful Texas oregon South Carolina — states that restrict entree to termination telehealth — shipping tin instrumentality anyplace from 14 to 21 days.

Plan C, an organization that helps patients navigate the antithetic restrictions connected telemedicine for abortion, has much accusation connected ineligible parameters successful each state.

How overmuch bash termination pills cost?

Medication termination tin outgo anyplace from $40 to $600 oregon more, depending connected which drugs are purchased, wherever they are purchased and if a person’s security covers the medication.

In-clinic costs mean astir $600, but that tin alteration depending connected the authorities and it does not see wealth for travel, lodging and different logistical costs. Telemedicine services tin outgo up to $750 depending connected if they necessitate bloodwork oregon further tests earlier prescribing medicine abortion.

Online pharmacies, similar Hey Jane and Abortion connected Demand, scope from $150 to $600. Aid Access ranges betwixt $100 and $150. The misoprostol-only method tin besides beryllium recovered online oregon successful different countries and mostly costs less, ranging from $40 to $300.

What is the aboriginal of medicine termination if Roe is overturned successful June?

If Roe falls, 26 states are apt to instantly prohibition abortion. Those bans volition see surgical termination arsenic good arsenic medicine abortion.

With much than fractional of states apt to prohibition termination successful the coming months, advocates and experts hold that much women and birthing radical are apt to self-manage their abortions astatine location utilizing medicine abortion.

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