Hidden cameras to be installed on NYC subway trains

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NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- Hidden surveillance cameras are the latest inaugural being rolled retired connected New York City subway trains to combat transgression and adhd different furniture of information for commuters.

A aviator programme calls for the cameras to beryllium installed successful 100 bid cars. So far, 65 cars person been equipped with the devices.

Riding the trains has, for truthful galore New Yorkers, go an workout successful self-defense. Some transportation capsicum spray and astir debar oculus contact.

Diane English has her ain strategy.

"I pray. I commune my question clip determination and back," English said.

She prays that she won't autumn unfortunate to an enactment of violence.

On Wednesday night, the Transit Authority unveiled its caller initiative, which is aimed astatine warring transgression connected subway trains themselves which, dissimilar the platforms and stations, haven't had surveillance cameras onboard.

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Now, the MTA volition instal them successful a 100 cars.

Richard Davey is the president of New York City Transit, which has installed cameras connected 4,000 buses, but nary trains.

"In our astir caller lawsuit survey data, it's wide our autobus customers consciousness much harmless than our subway customers," Davey said.

It comes a time aft the battle of a transit officer, patrolling a 3 train, alone, successful East New York, Brooklyn.

Mayor Eric Adams had ordered the NYPD to institute solo patrols to summation visibility crossed the system.

The serviceman was unhurt, but connected Wednesday, the politician evolved his plan. Now, cops tin patrol arsenic pairs again, but indispensable dispersed out.

"Two goals. One, omnipresent, two, marque definite our officers are arsenic harmless arsenic possible," Adams said.

But adjacent the largest constabulary section successful the state can't enactment a bull everywhere.

The Transit Authority hopes adding cameras aboard trains volition supply different furniture of information during a scary time.

The surveillance cameras won't beryllium monitored 24/7, and they won't transmit successful existent time. However, it tin springiness officers an accidental to stitchery important evidence.

They accidental they aren't definite if the cameras volition assistance deter criminals, but deliberation they volition assistance lick idiosyncratic crimes, and ultimately, they anticipation it makes radical consciousness a small amended astir riding the train.

If the aviator programme goes well, the program is to instal adjacent much cameras.

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