High school students protest for abortion rights

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ANDOVER, Kan. (KAKE) - Thursday Andover High School students staged a walkout and rally for termination rights astatine 1:30, they accidental it’s successful airy of caller attacks connected Roe v. Wade, and dozens of students from each antithetic grades  joined successful adjacent successful the vigor and humidity.

They whitethorn beryllium young, but their voices rang large arsenic they marched with a megaphone successful hand. 

“I judge we are the future. And we tin marque a batch of change,” said Alexis Brown, an Andover High School junior.  

Dozens of students from Andover High gathered with signs that read, “My body, my choice,” and “Men of prime don’t fearfulness equality,” connected the sidewalk close successful beforehand of the schoolhouse successful protest.

“We did a walkout astatine 1:30 from the schoolhouse and past we walked implicit present to bash a protestation connected termination rights,” said Megan, different Andover High junior. 

Megan and Alexis Brown helped signifier the protest. 

They accidental this is portion of a bigger question going connected crossed the state to rise consciousness astir people’s rights to reproductive wellness care.

“We were conscionable benignant of inspired to, like, proceed the advocacy, particularly successful school,” said Brown. 

Students made posters and bracelets Wednesday successful mentation for the protest, making their ngo known.

Both girls accidental they were blessed with the turnout and are besides urging each young Kansans to registry to ballot and to ballot nary connected August 2nd, erstwhile a law amendment putting limits connected termination successful the authorities goes to a vote.

“We privation to marque definite radical person the prime and the information to bash it. The U.S. banning abortions bans harmless abortions, radical volition inactive bash it,” said Megan. 

“I was very, similar feeling helpless and like, betrayed benignant of by my government, but like, present I'm feeling empowered to similar really measurement up and bash thing and marque the alteration that I privation to see,” said Brown. 

The main of Andover High School besides sent retired a connection to parents this week astir the protest. In it helium said the schoolhouse recognizes the law rights of the students to participate, but helium and the schoolhouse doesn’t endorse oregon beforehand this objection oregon immoderate other.

Students could besides beryllium taxable to disciplinary enactment for the unexcused absences if they near people successful the mediate of the day.

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