Hilary Duff bares all in Women's Health

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(CNN)Hilary Duff is feeling comfy successful her skin.

The "How I Met Your Father" actress appears connected the May/June screen of Women's Health, wherever she says she is implicit unrealistic ideals implicit her assemblage and feels "peaceful" present erstwhile she thinks astir her looks.

"I'm arrogant of my body," Duff says, adding, "I've gotten to a spot of being peaceful with the changes my assemblage has gone through."

    She continued: "I deliberation that astatine 34 I person conscionable gained a batch of respect for my body. It's taken maine each of the places I request to go. It's helped maine physique a beauteous family. I consciousness similar the older I get, the much assured I get successful my ain skin. And my body's been galore antithetic shapes and sizes and I'm truly conscionable fascinated by, one, being a woman. And two, each the changes that your assemblage tin spell done passim your lifetime."

      She says that therapy besides helped her go much accepting of herself.

      "I bash consciousness fortunate successful the intelligence wellness section wherever I haven't had immense hurdles to get over, but conscionable similar everyone other I person my issues, my insecurities, pain," she said. "Therapy helps maine a lot. I effort to bash a Zoom with my therapist astatine slightest doubly a month, if not more, if I request it. But I deliberation conscionable talking and having the close radical astir you that tin genuinely perceive erstwhile you request them to, [and] taking abstraction for yourself."

        In fact, therapy is the astir important part, she says.

          "We bust our ass to get our bodies successful signifier and to look the champion we can. We get facials and Botox and our hairsbreadth done and highlights and brows and lash lifts and each this s---. But I privation to enactment connected the inside," she explained. "That's the astir important portion of the system."

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