Hilary Duff Exposes The Truth Behind Her Nude Cover Shoot

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Hilary Duff is arrogant of her assemblage — but she’s besides keeping it real.

The “How I Met Your Father” prima posed nude for the May/June screen of Women’s Health. In the accompanying profile, she emphasizes that the photos of her that look successful the mag decidedly benefited from immoderate nonrecreational attention. (You tin spot the NSFW screen photograph below.)

“I’m arrogant of my body. I’m arrogant that it’s produced 3 children for me,” Duff said. “I’ve gotten to a spot of being peaceful with the changes my assemblage has gone through. I besides privation radical to cognize a constitution creator was determination putting glow each implicit my assemblage and idiosyncratic enactment maine successful the astir flattering position.”

Hilary Duff with her husband, Matthew Koma, successful  2019.
Hilary Duff with her husband, Matthew Koma, successful 2019.

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Duff — who is ma to a son, Luca, 10, and daughters Banks, 3, and Mae, 13 months — spoke to Women’s Health astir accepting her body, which she says wasn’t ever easy.

The “Lizzie McGuire” prima says she spent years feeling consumed by the “horrifying” unit to beryllium a definite size arsenic a young pistillate connected TV, which resulted successful her developing an eating upset astatine 17. Duff told the mag that she sometimes inactive has trouble separating wellness from appearance.

“Because of my vocation path, I can’t assistance but beryllium like, ‘I americium connected camera and actresses are skinny,’” she said, reflecting however she felt erstwhile she signed connected to bash “How I Met Your Father” erstwhile she was 8 months pregnant.

Duff connected  the screen  of Women’s Health.
Duff connected the screen of Women’s Health.

But she said she was capable to woody with that concern, due to the fact that she has been making bid with her assemblage since the commencement of her 2nd child.

“I didn’t adjacent cognize if I was going to person the accidental to person different kid [after the divorce],” said Duff, who split from her archetypal husband, Mike Comrie, successful 2015, and married Matthew Koma successful 2019.

“So, being a ma again, maybe. It was a full premix of things ― of being settled and realizing that I’m almighty and talented and smart,” she said. “All intelligence things.”

Although Duff cites this clip play arsenic the opening of her travel toward self-acceptance, she did marque some remarks to Shape mag successful 2015 that suggest she was reasoning on akin lines adjacent then.

“There’s truthful overmuch unit to ever person it together, and I’m not falling for it,” Duff said astatine the time. “You spot supermodels who person babies, and the adjacent week they look arsenic if they were ne'er pregnant. That was not the lawsuit with me. Some days I consciousness great, others I consciousness beauteous normal, and that’s acceptable.”

To work Duff’s illustration successful full, caput implicit to Women’s Health.

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, telephone the National Eating Disorder Association hotline astatine 1-800-931-2237.

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