Hockey dad gets life in prison for 1993 murder

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MINNEAPOLIS -- An Isanti hockey dada convicted successful a brutal cold-case execution learned his condemnation successful tribunal Friday morning: beingness successful prison.

Late past month, Jerry Westrom was recovered blameworthy successful the 1993 execution of Jeanie Childs successful Minneapolis. The assemblage deliberated for lone 2 hours earlier reaching the verdict.

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At the sentencing, the justice said the beingness condemnation was aligned with the statute for first-degree execution astatine the clip of Childs' death. Westrom volition beryllium required to walk 30 years successful situation earlier the anticipation of parole.

Before helium was sentenced, Childs' niece, Melissa Beaulieu, and Childs' mother, Betty Eakman, gave unfortunate interaction statements. They told the tribunal conscionable however hard the past 29 years person been.

"I've waited truthful galore years to person this extremity and it's enactment my beingness done truthful overmuch hellhole and I conscionable truly consciousness I'll ne'er hide and emotion her the mode I ever did," Eakman said.

Jerry Westrom sentenced to beingness successful situation for 1993 execution of Jeanie Childs 06:22

"The effect thing similar this creates tin beryllium vicious," Beaulieu said. "They impact you for an full lifetime. To suffer idiosyncratic you emotion is simply a profound experience." 

Jeanie's sister besides spoke, saying her bosom is breached for Westom's woman and children. She said this was a calamity for everyone progressive and determination are nary winners.

Judge sentenced Jerry Westrom to beingness for the execution of Jeanie Childs, the statute for archetypal grade execution successful 1993. He indispensable service astatine slightest 30 years earlier eligible for parole #wcco

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Westrom chose not to code the court. The defence utilized its clip to constituent retired grounds not allowed astatine trial. Defense lawyer Steve Meshbesher held steadfast successful his position.

"As we said successful the beginning, and we are saying present you got the incorrect guy. We are atrocious for the nonaccomplishment of Jeanie Childs life. We're looking guardant to Jerry Westrom's exoneration from the Minnesota Supreme Court," Meshbesher said.

Eakman said she won't fto what the defence said successful tribunal alteration however she's feeling astir the sentence.

"He's going to effort warring arsenic agelong arsenic helium can, but arsenic acold arsenic I'm acrophobic the lawsuit is closed," Eakman said.

According to tribunal documents, connecting Westrom to the execution started with a deed connected a genealogy website, linking his DNA to DNA collected successful 1993 astatine the transgression scene. Investigators needed more, truthful they tracked him to a hockey crippled successful Wisconsin. They watched and waited for Westrom to propulsion a napkin distant successful a cardboard tray to cod his DNA.

Investigators utilized that lucifer to apprehension Westrom and to physique their case. His DNA was recovered connected a comforter, a bloody bath towel, a washcloth, a T-shirt and successful the sink. And past there's the bloody footprint.

During the trial, prosecutors played Westrom's 2019 interrogation with police, wherever helium denied knowing Childs and what happened wrong the Minneapolis apartment. It's the lone clip jurors heard from Westrom portion connected trial.

WEB EXTRA: Jerry Westrom constabulary interview 11:15

In an interrogation with WCCO, assemblage foreperson Derek Fradenburgh talked astir the 3 things that made a lasting interaction connected jurors: Westrom's interrogation with constabulary successful 2019, the DNA and the bloody footprint.

"He said helium wasn't there, his DNA proves that helium was determination ... his footprint puts him determination astatine the clip of the murder," Fradenburgh said.

The defence says it plans to record an appeal.

Evidence released successful Jerry Westrom's cold-case execution trial 03:20
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