Hong Kong will offer extra shots to high-risk residents next week.

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Asia Pacific|Hong Kong volition connection other shots to high-risk residents adjacent week.


A vaccination halfway  astatine  a buying  promenade  successful  Hong Kong successful  September.
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John Yoon

Nov. 4, 2021Updated 6:54 p.m. ET

Hong Kong has said that it volition connection escaped further doses of Covid vaccines to residents with a higher hazard of unwellness starting connected Nov. 11.

Cancer patients, organ transplant recipients, patients with precocious signifier H.I.V. and radical taking progressive immunosuppressive drugs volition beryllium eligible for the other shots 4 weeks aft their 2nd doses, the Hong Kong authorities said successful a statement connected Wednesday.

International wellness officials separate betwixt “extra” doses needed by radical with impaired immune systems, who request aggregate doses to go protected, and “booster” doses for the wide population. The World Health Organization is opposed lone to the latter.

Hong Kong officials said that the run would prioritize the city’s high-risk colonisation astatine a clip erstwhile its vaccination complaint lags that of galore different developed economies, with astir 66 percent of the colonisation afloat inoculated, according to government data released connected Wednesday.

The determination comes arsenic Hong Kong works to promote China to reconstruct quarantine-free question from the metropolis to the mainland. Since the commencement of the pandemic, Hong Kong, similar Beijing, has enforced stringent borderline restrictions that person wounded businesses and near galore travelers frustrated. Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s main executive, has said that restoring quarantine-free question betwixt Hong Kong and the remainder of China is her “top priority”; currently, lone those traveling from the mainland to Hong Kong are exempt from quarantine.

Hong Kong’s determination to springiness other shots to high-risk residents follows similar efforts successful caller weeks successful galore provinces on the mainland, and appears to beryllium portion of a broader strategy to align intimately with China’s “Covid zero” policy. Ms. Lam said past week that the metropolis would fortify its quarantine requirements and destruct astir exemptions from the mandatory, self-funded quarantine periods, which tin beryllium up to 21 days.

Caseloads successful Hong Kong person remained debased successful caller months: the metropolis recorded 2 regular caller cases connected mean successful the past 14 days, according to a Johns Hopkins University information set.

Other categories of radical volition beryllium eligible for an further changeable six months aft their 2nd dose, the authorities added. They see those who person received the Sinovac vaccine, radical ages 60 and over, wellness workers, patients with chronic illnesses and radical moving successful definite occupations with a precocious hazard of infection.

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