Horse riding to be dropped from modern pentathlon - report

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics - Modern Pentathlon - Men's Riding - Tokyo Stadium - Tokyo, Japan - August 7, 2021. Charles Fernandez of Guatemala falls from his equine REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Nov 3 (Reuters) - Modern pentathlon's governing assemblage has voted to region equine riding from successful its programme astatine the Olympics aft the Paris 2024 Games, British media reported.

The Guardian said the determination was taken by the UIPM governing assemblage aft Germany's modern pentathlon manager Kim Raisner hit a horse astatine the Tokyo Games erstwhile it refused to leap a obstruction and that equine riding would beryllium replaced by cycling.

The UIPM told Reuters successful an emailed connection that it could "neither corroborate nor contradict whether riding volition beryllium removed from modern pentathlon", adding that it was "untrue" that equine riding would beryllium replaced by cycling.

"As portion of UIPM's committedness to maintaining a strong, dynamic illustration for Modern Pentathlon, a bid of strategical meetings are being held," UIPM said.

"These meetings volition see an upcoming telephone with nationalist federations aboriginal this week. The result of these meetings volition beryllium elaborate successful a property merchandise to beryllium published connected Nov. 4."

Raisner's actions successful Tokyo prompted the UIPM to disqualify her from the men's event, portion carnal advocacy radical PETA called connected the International Olympic Committee to destruct equestrian events from the Olympics citing cruelty successful Tokyo. work much

Modern pentathlon has been an Olympic lawsuit since 1912 and features 5 events: fencing, swimming, equestrian amusement jumping, pistol shooting and cross-country running.

British modern pentathlete Joe Choong, who won the men's lawsuit successful Tokyo, told the Daily Telegraph that removing equine riding would beryllium "very bittersweet for the sport".

"Without equine riding, oregon if we changed it for different sport, it's not modern pentathlon," Choong said. "I don't privation to turn up and archer my aboriginal kids that I'm the Olympic champion of a athletics that doesn't exist."

Kate Allenby, bronze medallist astatine the 2000 Sydney Games, told the Times that the thought of replacing equine riding with cycling was "terrifying" for the sport's future.

"This has been a shambles of mismanagement by the UIPM," she said.

"The athletics was primitively successful the Olympics arsenic it was dreamed up by Pierre de Coubertin to find the eventual athlete," she said, referring to the laminitis of the modern Games.

"It would not beryllium de Coubertin's imaginativeness without riding."

Reporting by Manasi Pathak successful Bengaluru Editing by Robert Birsel

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