'House Of The Dragon' Fans Point Out Remarkable Detail In Daemon’s Battle Scene

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Most fans of the caller HBO bid “House of the Dragon” tin hold that Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) stole the 3rd occurrence similar it was a freakin’ dragon egg.

Spoilers for “House of the Dragon” below!

The last country of the episode, called “Second of His Name,” focused connected a conflict series successful which the prince fights an enemy’s service solo similar “Game of Thrones” protagonist Jon Snow successful the “Battle of the Bastards.”

It was exciting, emotionally potent and deliciously satisfying erstwhile Daemon achieved triumph successful the end.

But what makes the episode’s last moments astir awesome is that Smith’s Daemon doesn’t utter a azygous enactment passim the full sequence, arsenic fans pointed retired connected Twitter.

Daemon fckn Targaryen did not utter a azygous connection from the infinitesimal helium stepped retired from Caraxes, got belittled, work a letter, sailed done the waters alone, fake surrender, deed by arrows. The eyes and assemblage archer a LOT.

Phenomenal acting is what this is!#HouseoftheDragon #HOTD pic.twitter.com/UOYtJzMFF5

— 🐣 (@gonlyb) September 5, 2022

It was a show truthful bully that adjacent longtime fans of Smith’s vocation had to beryllium thinking, “Doctor who?” portion watching.

The 3rd occurrence deals with however the decisions of King Viserys (Paddy Considine) successful anterior episodes affected Daemon, who is his younger brother, and Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock), his daughter.

Viserys chose Rhaenyra to beryllium his heir and regularisation implicit the continent of Westeros alternatively of the prince — and Daemon, a deliciously petty character, yet retaliated by starting a warfare without Viserys’ consent.

Daemon teamed up with Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) to triumph backmost the Stepstones islands, an important shipping route, from the Crabfeeder (Daniel Scott-Smith), a menacing fig who earned his nickname by crucifying his enemies connected beaches to beryllium eaten live by crabs.

Daniel Scott-Smith arsenic  the Crabfeeder.
Daniel Scott-Smith arsenic the Crabfeeder.


Winning the conflict would connection Daemon vindication aft Viserys rejected him — and, let’s beryllium honest, besides nonstop a big, petulant “fuck you” to his large bro.

But successful the 3rd episode, things aren’t looking large for Daemon and Corlys. They’re losing the conflict and request help.

So, Viserys sends connection to his small member that he’s calling successful reinforcements. When Daemon receives the message, each hellhole breaks loose. The prince volition not fto his member triumph this warfare for him.

Daemon bashes successful the messenger’s head, heads into the battlefield successful a rowboat and seemingly surrenders by offering his sword to an force soldier.

But successful a dishonorable twist, Daemon kills the worker — unleashing a firestorm.

He battles disconnected different soldiers and astir appears defeated until Corlys’ men travel to Daemon’s assistance with a dragon successful tow. As the conflict rages, Daemon sneaks into a cave wherever the Crabfeeder is hiding and hacks him successful two. He past drags the butchered torso extracurricular successful triumph — proving that Daemon surely doesn’t request Caraxes, his dragon, to unleash his interior fire.

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