House passes bill allowing for staff unionization

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(CNN)The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to let staffers connected Capitol Hill to unionize, a large improvement for labour activists who person pushed for the enactment for years.

The ballot frees House staffers to signifier unions should they want, though it does not use to staffers connected the Senate side, arsenic the measure is not expected to walk successful the Senate.

The solution was passed nether a proviso successful a House Rules Committee rules bundle arsenic a self-executing regularisation -- known arsenic a "deem and pass" -- successful which the measure is deemed passed by adoption of the rule. The maneuver frees members from having to instrumentality a abstracted ballot connected the legislation.

    Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced successful a missive to her colleagues that the ballot would happen, writing, "Congressional staffers merit the aforesaid cardinal rights and protections arsenic workers each crossed the country, including the close to bargain collectively."

      Pelosi besides announced successful the missive that she has raised the basal wage for House staffers to $45,000 starting September 1.

      "With a competitory minimum salary, the House volition amended beryllium capable to clasp and enlistee excellent, divers talent," she wrote. "Doing truthful volition unfastened the doors to nationalist work for those who whitethorn not person been capable to spend to bash truthful successful the past. This is besides an contented of fairness, arsenic galore of the youngest staffers moving the longest hours often gain the lowest salaries."

      CNN's Daniella Diaz contributed to this report.

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