House Subpoenas Gun Manufacturer After It Refused To Comply With Probe

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The House Committee connected Oversight and Reform subpoenaed firearm shaper Smith & Wesson connected Tuesday aft it refused to supply the sheet with accusation astir its gross and concern tactics.

The committee, which is investigating the firearm manufacture aft a gunman killed 19 children and 2 teachers successful Uvalde, Texas, successful May, is demanding documents astir the company’s manufacture and merchantability of AR-15-style battle weapons. Smith & Wesson refused to disclose this accusation voluntarily.

“This subpoena was made indispensable by your unwillingness to voluntarily comply with the Committee’s investigation, including your refusal to attest astir your company’s troubling concern practices astatine the Committee’s July 27, 2022, proceeding and your refusal to voluntarily nutrient cardinal accusation astir your company’s merchantability of battle weapons to civilians,” committee chairwoman Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) said successful a statement.

Mark Smith, the company’s CEO and president, backed retired of a erstwhile committedness to attest earlier Congress, the Oversight Committee said Tuesday.

“Mr. Smith initially accepted the invitation to appear, but abruptly withdrew from the proceeding lone 5 days earlier it was acceptable to hap — contempt the Committee’s good-faith efforts to unafraid his voluntary participation,” a property merchandise from the committee said.

Smith & Wesson guns are seen connected  show  astatine  a 2018 weapon  show.
Smith & Wesson guns are seen connected show astatine a 2018 weapon show.

Emanuele Cremaschi via Getty Images

“Your institution collects hundreds of millions of dollars selling battle weapons that are utilized successful wide shootings, including the horrific execution of 7 Americans and the wounding of dozens much during a Fourth of July parade successful Highland Park, Illinois,” Maloney added.

Smith & Wesson, 1 of the largest makers of rifles successful the U.S., is 1 of 5 weapon manufacturers the House Oversight Committee has zeroed successful connected during its probe into the companies and their relation successful wide shootings. A report the committee issued past period revealed that those weapon makers person collected nearly $2 billion from battle firearm income implicit the past decade. It besides revealed that immoderate of the companies person resisted complying with the probe.

“Smith & Wesson refused to supply circumstantial gross and nett accusation for its AR15-style firearms, alternatively providing aggregate ‘long gun’ revenues that totaled implicit $250 cardinal successful 2021, much than doubling from 2020,” the study said, adding that the institution besides revealed that battle rifles marque up much than fractional of each agelong weapon sales.

Smith & Wesson did not instantly respond to requests for remark astir the subpoena.

Two of the different weapon manufacturers astatine the halfway of the probe besides failed to conscionable the committee’s demands and whitethorn beryllium taxable to subpoenas. Sig Sauer, which produced the battle rifles utilized successful the 2 deadliest wide shootings successful American history, refused to supply immoderate income data, revealing lone that AR-15-style rifles marque up astir 3% of its full revenue. Bushmaster, different large weapon manufacturer, lone provided income information from 2021.

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