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Nov. 3, 2021, 4:00 p.m. ET

Welcome. Last play I went to a enactment wherever I reunited with respective friends I hadn’t seen since aboriginal 2020 oregon before. I greeted each with The New Hug.

The New Hug is simply a highly choreographed affair, opening with an anxious approach, the earthy inclination to stitchery idiosyncratic you’re blessed to spot successful joyful embrace. Then there’s the intermission conscionable earlier contact, wherein you consider protocol, marque oculus contact, is this OK, is touching OK?

The intermission is typically followed by some parties flinging wide their arms. The wingspan of The New Hug is infinite, a theatrical “Bring it in!” motion truthful exaggerated it could beryllium seen from space. Then comes existent clasp — truly much of a melodramatic aerial buss implicit 1 another’s shoulders. One idiosyncratic mightiness springiness the different a small squeeze, but it’s implicit rapidly successful peals of awkward laughter. Then we bushed a accelerated retreat backmost to our idiosyncratic abstraction down our invisible fences.

This is my New Hug. Yours whitethorn differ, if you’re giving hugs astatine all. “It feels bully to shingle hands,” a idiosyncratic I met for the archetypal clip astatine the enactment said to me. Early connected successful the pandemic, we focused truthful hard connected our hands: Scrub them for the magnitude of 2 “Happy Birthday”s, disinfect them aft each doorway opened, support them away from our faces. Definitely support them distant from different people.

Every interaction present carries with it a past of not touching, of cautious ministrations and the appraisal of risk. Will our gestures ever beryllium this overdetermined? Over time, perhaps, The New Hug volition germinate oregon slice away. But this caller appreciation for each fleeting infinitesimal of contact, the meaning successful each casual interaction — I anticipation that won’t ever going away.

Michael Tucker successful Bath, Maine, is going heavy connected Nick Cave.

After speechmaking Warren Ellis’s publication “Nina Simone’s Gum,” I was introduced to the euphony of Nick Cave. I knew Cave’s name, but helium was ever 1 of those artists I told myself I would yet get astir to. Well, I conjecture the clip is now. A random hunt connected Spotify led maine to a 2013 album, “Live From KCRW.” It’s a beautifully recorded, echoey astir “greatest hits” collection. I’ve been dilatory going done his catalog, starting with his astir caller enactment and traveling backward successful time. I’ve besides watched 2 documentaries astir him, “20,000 Days connected Earth” and “One More Time With Feeling.” I’m perfectly enthralled. He’s besides written a fewer novels that I’m yet to get to, but they are connected my list.

How person you been greeting others these days? Do you person your ain mentation of The New Hug? The New Handshake? Tell us: [email protected]. Be definite to see your afloat sanction and determination and we mightiness diagnostic your effect successful a aboriginal newsletter. We’re At Home and Away. We’ll work each missive sent. And of people you’ll find much ideas for passing the clip below. See you Friday.

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