Howard Stern Offers 3 Theories On Trump's 'Crazy S**t' At Mar-A-Lago

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Howard Stern has 3 theories connected wherefore erstwhile President Donald Trump, a erstwhile person of Stern’s who utilized to look often connected his vigor show, would person taken classified White House documents to his Mar-a-Lago estate.

“It’s immoderate brainsick crap going on,” the SiriusXM big said Monday of the national probe into Trump’s handling of delicate authorities documents recovered from his Florida edifice and home. “I don’t cognize however they don’t indict the dude.”

Stern’s archetypal mentation was that Trump wanted mementos of his presidency.

“One, based connected the dude I know, adjacent erstwhile helium got successful office, helium couldn’t judge helium was successful office,” Stern riffed. “When those Russian ambassadors came to sojourn him, if you retrieve aboriginal connected successful his administration, helium started showing them apical concealed documents like, saying, ‘Can you judge I person entree to this shit?’”

“That’s conscionable the mode helium rolls.” Howard Stern, who knows Donald Trump and is simply a erstwhile person of his, gives his theories connected wherefore Trump kept classified documents. And they won’t astonishment you astatine all, it’s precisely what you’re thinking, too. (Via Mediaite and SiriusXM)

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Stern’s 2nd mentation was that Trump was considering giving up classified accusation to facilitate concern deals.

“This is simply a feline who severely wants to bash concern with Russia and Saudi Arabia,” helium said.

“Imagine if helium says to [those countries] ‘Look, man, springiness maine a mates of cardinal dollars and I’ll amusement you similar wherever France keeps their atomic weapons and I’ll you know, you guys tin spot each this crap if you bash concern with me.’ That would beryllium a existent dubious benignant of horrible thing.”

“And past the 3rd is simply a consecutive out, ’Hey, you guys privation to bargain this from me? I mean, I could merchantability it to you, Russia, for like, you know, $50 billion. You’ll cognize everyone’s atomic secrets.”

Trump is being investigated for imaginable violations of the Espionage Act aft the FBI recovered classified worldly astatine his Florida edifice connected Aug. 8 pursuing aggregate erstwhile attempts to retrieve them and an assurance from his ineligible squad that each requested documents had been handed over.

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