Howie Mandel and other comics express concern after Dave Chappelle attack

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(CNN)Howie Mandel and different comics are sounding the alarm aft Dave Chappelle was attacked connected signifier pursuing a performance.

An audience subordinate attacked Chappelle Tuesday nighttime right aft the comedian wrapped up a acceptable during "Netflix is simply a Joke: The Festival" astatine the Hollywood Bowl successful Los Angeles.

The antheral who tackled Chappelle had a weapon leaf and was arrested for felony battle with a deadly limb and taken to a infirmary for aesculapian treatment, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

    Talking to "Extra's" Billy Bush connected Wednesday, Mandel expressed concern.

      "Watching what happened to Dave past nighttime confirmed my fear," Mandel said. "I was watching it benignant of unrecorded connected Twitter and I turned to my woman and I said, 'I don't privation to. I don't privation to goon stage. I'm conscionable truly afraid.'"

      Other comedians who were contiguous during the incident, including Chris Rock, rushed to Chappelle's broadside aft it happened.

      Chris Rock publically  addresses Oscars incidental  for the archetypal  time

      Rock joked astir whether the fishy was Will Smith, referring to Smith's incidental astatine the Oscars successful which helium walked connected signifier and slapped Rock aft the comedian made a gag astir Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

        Comedian and Washington Times columnist Tim Young tweeted, "We tin each convey Will Smith for mounting the illustration that led to Dave Chappelle getting assaulted connected signifier past night."

        "Here we spell again. As I mentioned before, Will Smith did it, truthful present radical deliberation that if a large personage did it they tin present bash it," comedian Jordan Garnett told WPTV.

        Mandel made the transportation arsenic well.

        "This is 1 measurement that benignant of opens a doorway and triggers idiosyncratic if they don't similar what you're saying oregon they're offended by what you're saying... It's benignant of good due to the fact that it's been done, to beryllium violent, and that's what my fearfulness was," helium told "Extra" astir Smith hitting Rock.

        Mandel said helium plans connected touring little arsenic a result.

        "My biggest fearfulness 40 years agone was not getting a laugh, and past cancel civilization came on and past it was like, 'Oh, my God if idiosyncratic doesn't similar your gag oregon you overstepped your line, you could suffer your career,' and past aft the Academy Awards... I said... 'Violence triggers violence,'" Mandel explained.

          As the probe into the Chappelle onslaught continues, Netflix meantime, besides expressed interest for information astir drama shows.

          "We attraction profoundly astir the information of creators and we powerfully support the close of stand-up comedians to execute connected signifier without fearfulness of violence," a Netflix spokesperson told CNN successful a statement.

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