HS football player dies after on-field injury

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LINDEN, N.J. -- A New Jersey assemblage is mourning the decease of a pupil who was critically injured during a precocious schoolhouse shot game.

CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis has much connected however he's being remembered. 

Xavier McClain was a sophomore astatine Linden High School and known to his classmates arsenic a large jock and person. 

"He was respectful, kind, caring man," said inferior Sydney Altidor. 

"He had the warmest bosom ever. He was ever the nicest person," said sophomore Samantha Arce. 

"We conscionable each request prayers, the shot squad and everyone. The family, especially," said inferior Sydney Colato. 

On Sept. 9, McClain was playing successful a varsity shot crippled erstwhile helium was critically wounded from an evident caput injury. 

Arce was there. 

"All I saw is helium got deed truly hard and I didn't spot thing else," Arce said. "Seeing him spell into the ambulance, it was ace heartbreaking." 

"First of all, erstwhile helium was wounded I was precise concerned, due to the fact that helium had to beryllium intubated. Whenever you person to beryllium intubated, you cognize it's serious. So we conscionable hoped for the champion astatine that constituent and prayed for the best," Linden Mayor Derek Almstead said. 

However, Armstead learned Wednesday McClain had away. The heartbroken politician personally knows the family. 

"Obviously, nonaccomplishment of a child, they're precise distraught," Armstead said. 

DeAngelis asked the politician if this volition ignite conversations astir information successful the sport. 

"That's going to travel to the forefront, arsenic it ever does erstwhile a kid is injured. But again, this was an accident," Armstead said. "It's a pugnacious sport, and adjacent astatine the precocious schoolhouse level, you tin get deed and you tin prolong injuries that tin beryllium with you for life."

Those who knew and loved McClain are focused connected honoring him. 

"X - it means everything for X. And this 1 is agelong unrecorded Xavier," said Arce, wearing look overgarment successful his memory. 

Members of the shot squad person made "E4X" portion of their uniforms, spreading the hashtag connected societal media, and sharing a photograph with the caption "Forever successful our hearts." 

The schoolhouse territory released this statement: 

The Linden Public School territory is profoundly saddened by the tragic decease of a Linden High School sophomore student. On September 9, 2022, this pupil was critically injured during a precocious schoolhouse varsity shot game. The territory extends its heartfelt condolences and volition proceed to connection prayers and enactment to the household during this hard time. Counseling enactment for students, unit and families has been acceptable up astatine Linden High School for anyone successful need.  

The politician said the assemblage would travel unneurotic to spot what could beryllium done to grant McClain. 

The squad plays its adjacent crippled Friday night. 

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