Hulu's 'The Patient' has just the cure for your streaming woes

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(CNN)As we descent into September, it's clip to rotate retired that lukewarm upwind wardrobe for thing much conducive to the temps dropping.

I'm not rather acceptable to springiness up my sandals conscionable yet, but I volition gladly walk much clip indoors -- there's truthful overmuch to ticker and perceive to, aft all.

Three things to watch

    'The Patient'

       Sam Fortner (played by Domhnall Gleeson) holds his therapist Alan Strauss (Steve Carell) hostage successful  a country   from "The Patient."

      Steve Carell became 1 of my favourite stars to interview years ago, and that beauteous overmuch guarantees I privation to ticker everything helium is in.

      So number maine successful for caller Hulu bid "The Patient" successful which Carell stars arsenic a therapist whose diligent (played by Domhnall Gleeson) takes him hostage, confesses to being a serial slayer and demands to beryllium cured of his homicidal ways.

      Sounds casual enough, right?

        It's streaming connected Hulu now.

        'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Season 3

        From left, the animated characters Beckett Mariner, Brad Boimler and D'Vana Tendi successful  a country   from play   3 of "Star Trek: Lower Decks."

        I emotion how, aft each these years, determination is inactive much of the "Star Trek" beingness to explore.

        In this animated series, the enactment unit of the starship USS Cerritos person their stories told. Season 3 finds the vessel impounded and the unit seeking justness for their captain, arsenic good arsenic engaged successful each sorts of different interplanetary hijinks.

        Sci-fi, drama and animation marque for an entertaining trio.

        The archetypal 2 episodes of the caller play are streaming connected Paramount+.

        'The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family'

         A Scandalous Family."

        Long-time Tudorphile implicit here, truthful this caller PBS bid is close up my alley.

        A three-part humanities documentary, "The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family" charts the meteoric emergence -- and arsenic seismic autumn -- of the Boleyn household successful Tudor England.

        Of course, Anne Boleyn was 1 of Henry VIII's wives -- the 2nd wife, but archetypal to suffer her head, literally. But she was not the lone Boleyn to person charmed the King; PBS describes the series arsenic "a thrilling communicative of love, sex, betrayal and obsession played retired successful a Tudor tribunal rife with gossip, backstabbing rivalries and intrigue."

        Yes, please!

        The archetypal occurrence is disposable to watercourse connected, and the PBS Video app.

        Two things to perceive to

        'The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!' by Megadeth

        James LoMenzo, Dave Mustaine, and Kiko Loureiro of Megadeth execute  connected  signifier    during a performance  successful  Austin, Texas connected  August 20, 2021.

        Thrash metallic heavyweights Megadeth has a mode with medium titles and their latest is nary exception.

        "The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!" is their latest grounds and no, it's not astir the pandemic.

        "This 1 was inspired by different virus, the Plague," the band's frontman Dave Mustaine told Louder, explaining that the grounds grew from, among different timely inspirations, "the existent facts ... however it was a illness that was communicable via the rats and the fleas, and however that full happening happened."

        If anyone tin stone to that, it's Megadeth.

        The medium is retired now.

        'Yungblud' by Yungblud

        Yungblud performs astatine  Terminal 5 connected  February 11 successful  New York City.

        Singer/songwriter Yungblud's 3rd medium is self-titled because, arsenic he wrote connected Instagram successful May, "Everything up to this infinitesimal has been a implicit detonation of uncensored expression, wherever I conscionable told the information and sang astir what I felt successful that nonstop moment." (Back successful 2018, the artist's archetypal EP was besides self-titled.)

        "The quality present is that I person thought and felt this grounds truthful deeply,' helium wrote. "I went to a portion of myself that I didn't cognize was there."

        The medium is besides retired now.

        One happening to speech about

         Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown and Christine Brown from "Sister Wives" be  an lawsuit   astatine  the Tropicana Las Vegas connected  April 13, 2012 successful  Las Vegas, Nevada.

        My ma is simply a large instrumentality of TLC's world bid "Sister Wives," truthful consequently I person been kept up to day connected its prima Kody Brown and his family. (TLC is besides owned by CNN's genitor company, Warner Bros. Discovery.)

        His erstwhile woman Christine Brown recently spoke with People about ending their narration -- and walking distant from plural marriage.

        "I get to unrecorded beingness for me," the 50-year-old said. "My full satellite has changed, and each azygous compartment successful my assemblage is happier."

        One of the astir absorbing things to maine astir "Sister Wives" was the conception of aggregate women sharing the aforesaid hubby and blending their families. Well it turns retired that Brown, who shares six children with her present ex, mislaid involvement successful that benignant of life.

        "I started reasoning possibly this isn't moving for me," she said. "And past I stopped believing successful polygamy. I realized I didn't truly privation to unrecorded it anymore. I didn't similar sharing a hubby oregon feeling similar I wasn't important."

        The value of uncovering what makes you blessed can't beryllium overstated. Best of luck to her.

        Something to sip on

        Solange Knowles attends the inaugural Lena Horne Prize gala astatine  Town Hall connected  February 28, 2020 successful  New York City.

        I emotion this clip for Solange Knowles.

        The multi-talented, multi-hyphenate originative is getting her creation retired determination much than ever before.

        Not lone has she become the archetypal Black pistillate to constitute a people for the New York City Ballet, but she besides precocious released "In Past Pupils and Smiles," a 188-page monograph based connected a show portion she debuted astatine the Venice Bienniale successful 2019.

        According to Vogue, the publication "includes behind-the-scenes and live-performance photography and conversations with and writings by collaborators similar co-curator Aaron Cezar, instrumentalist Greg Bryant, costume decorator Kyle Luu, and hairstylist Virginie 'Gin' Moreira, among others."

          "Documentation with inactive photography has ever been truly important," she told the publication. "For this enactment to beryllium capable to unrecorded on, to beryllium archived, and shared passim history, I really had america redo this show without an assemblage to seizure however the vigor unit of the show shifted."

          Being the younger sister of Beyoncé can't beryllium easy, truthful I americium thrilled to spot Knowles carving her ain bequest successful the arts.

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