Huma Abedin Talks About ‘Both/And’

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Book Review|Huma Abedin Talks About ‘Both/And’

Abedin discusses her caller memoir, and Gary Shteyngart talks astir his latest novel, “Our Country Friends.”

Hosted by Pamela Paul

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Nov. 5, 2021, 1:22 p.m. ET

In her caller memoir, “Both/And: A Life successful Many Worlds,” Huma Abedin writes astir her Muslim faith, her years moving alongside Hillary Clinton and, of course, her narration with her estranged husband, the erstwhile Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner. On this week’s podcast, Abedin says that penning the publication was “the astir therapeutic happening I could person perchance done,” and that penning astir her matrimony and its clip successful the tabloids gave her perspective.

“Now that I americium connected the different side, I tin accidental with confidence: I don’t deliberation what I went done is each that singular,” she says. “What’s antithetic is that I had to spell done it connected the beforehand leafage of the news. So I cognize determination is simply a sisterhood and brotherhood of radical retired determination successful the satellite that person had to endure betrayal and person had to fig retired however to determination connected with their lives. And these are the conversations that I inactive americium called into; the radical who halt maine connected the thoroughfare and inquire maine a elemental question: ‘When does it halt hurting?’ ‘Should I stay?’ ‘When bash I leave?’”


Gary Shteyngart visits the podcast to sermon his caller novel, “Our Country Friends,” astir 7 friends (and 1 nemesis) spending clip unneurotic successful 1 Hudson Valley spot during the aboriginal months of the pandemic. The novel’s drama, Shteyngart says, comes from radical confronting their “deepest selves,” arsenic Chekhov’s characters did erstwhile they near Moscow for agrarian surroundings.

“When you’re stuck successful the countryside, nary substance wherever you are, beingness conscionable goes truthful overmuch slower than it does successful the city, and you’re capable to truly statesman to deliberation astir your spot successful the world,” Shteyngart says. “There’s decidedly a feeling of clip slowing down and you’re capable to ascertain your existent relationships. If you emotion someone, you emotion them much successful the country. If you hatred them, you hatred them much successful the country. Everything is turned up to 11.”

Also connected this week’s episode, Tina Jordan looks backmost astatine Book Review past arsenic it celebrates its 125th anniversary; Elizabeth Harris has quality from the publishing world; and Dave Kim and Sarah Lyall speech astir what they’re reading. Pamela Paul is the host.

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