Hundreds attend Walk to End Alzheimer's in Atlanta

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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - From commencement to finish, determination was thing but love, support, and anticipation astatine this year’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

For Harriet Watson and her family, this was acold much than conscionable different walk. Her member was diagnosed erstwhile helium was conscionable 50.

“I hated erstwhile helium couldn’t retrieve a batch of things, immoderate of the household members helium couldn’t remember,” she said.

They were among the much than 2,000 participants, galore sharing stories of however they watched their loved ones’ minds dilatory decline.

“First they suffer the information that their loved 1 doesn’t cognize who they are, past aft that, it’s the existent death,” said Laura Aranda, with Greenwood Place Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Spencer Graves’ parent was conscionable 55 erstwhile she was diagnosed.

“My ma really handed the car keys to my dada and said ‘If that’s existent if that’s what is happening, I don’t privation to thrust anymore,’” helium said.

Participants held flowers of assorted colors, each corresponding to their narration to Alzheimer’s, whether that beryllium a caregiver, an state successful the fight, idiosyncratic battling the disease, oregon idiosyncratic who has mislaid someone. Atlanta News First was a arrogant media sponsor, with anchor Brooks Baptiste emceeing and sharing his precise ain experience.

“In the lawsuit of my grandfather, determination wasn’t truly a speech astir however helium was dilatory but surely declining,” said Baptiste.

Baptiste hopes events similar this tin bring much consciousness to the debilitating disease, and rise wealth for research.

“Something specifically that we spot successful the achromatic community…people bash not privation to code this situation that is truly plaguing our community,” helium said.

Organizers said this year’s locomotion and fundraiser was a hit.

“We’ve raised $521,000 and immoderate change,” said Amy Richardson, elder manager of development, Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia chapter.

The enactment hopes to support that momentum alive, arsenic researchers contention to find amended attraction options and yet a cure.

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