Hunger striker's mother says his condition in Egyptian jail unknown

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SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt, Nov 8 (Reuters) - The parent of Egyptian-British hunger striker Alaa Abd el-Fattah says she received nary missive erstwhile she visited the situation wherever helium is being held and has nary mode to verify his condition, 2 days aft helium was owed to halt drinking water.

Laila Soueif said she waited extracurricular Wadi al-Natrun situation connected the outskirts of Cairo for 10 hours for a play missive from her son, usually delivered connected Monday. No missive came out, the household said.

"They alleged that helium is refusing to merchandise a letter, that is not unwell but helium conscionable won't nonstop retired a letter," Soueif said successful a video connection precocious connected Monday. "I don't person immoderate carnal impervious that Alaa is live and conscious."

Abd el-Fattah roseate to prominence during Egypt's 2011 fashionable uprising but has been detained for astir of the clip since then. Sentenced astir precocious successful December 2021 to 5 years connected charges of spreading mendacious news, helium has been connected hunger onslaught for 220 days against his detention and situation conditions.

He escalated his protestation this week, arsenic satellite leaders gathered successful Egypt astatine the commencement of the COP27 clime summit, an yearly United Nations gathering.

Soueif said she would instrumentality to the situation connected Tuesday to resume her vigil. "I volition travel backmost present tomorrow, but I anticipation that during this time, immoderate entity is capable to corroborate that Alaa is live and conscious."

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said connected Monday helium had raised Abd el-Fattah's lawsuit with Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and that helium hoped to spot the contented resolved arsenic soon arsenic possible.

Asked astir the case, Egyptian Foreign Minister and COP27 President Sameh Shoukry told CNBC situation authorities would supply Abd el-Fattah with healthcare.

"This is simply a substance of idiosyncratic choice, and again it is dealt with wrong the penal system, wrong the rules and regulations that govern it," helium said.

Egyptian officials person not responded to Reuters telephone calls for remark connected Abd el-Fattah. They said antecedently that helium was receiving meals.

Abd el-Fattah's household said helium was lone consuming minimal calories and immoderate fibre to prolong himself earlier successful the year, and that helium is precise frail.

The household accidental Egyptian officials person declined to recognise his British citizenship, which the household announced earlier this twelvemonth helium had obtained done his mother, who was calved successful London.

Shoukry said the Egyptian ineligible process for dual citizenship "has not arsenic yet been fulfilled" successful Abd el-Fattah's case.

Some rights campaigners person criticised the determination for Egypt to big COP27, citing Cairo's agelong crackdown connected governmental dissent successful which rights groups accidental tens of thousands person been detained. They person besides raised interest implicit entree and abstraction for protests astatine the United Nations clime talks.

Sisi has said information measures were needed to stabilise Egypt aft the 2011 uprising.

Reporting by Farah Saafan; Editing by Frank Jack Daniel

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