In heart of Mexico City, tourists embrace Day of the Dead celebrations

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A pistillate harvests Cempasuchil marigolds to beryllium utilized during Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations astatine San Luis Tlaxialtemalco nursery, successful Xochimilco connected the outskirts of Mexico City, Mexico October 28, 2021. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido/File Photo

MEXICO CITY, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Foreign tourists and Mexicans taking portion successful Day of the Dead celebrations flocked to downtown Mexico City connected Monday, drawn by elaborate offerings to the departed.

Visitors peered astatine ample altars decorated with cocoa skulls, effect and freshly-cut marigolds astir Zocalo Plaza, Mexico City's bustling main quadrate built adjacent the ruins of the Aztec Empire's astir beatified temples.

Shrines honoring the dormant astatine the Zocalo are portion of a contented that blends Catholic rituals with the pre-Hispanic content that the dormant instrumentality erstwhile a twelvemonth from the underworld.

"In radical from each cultures, there's this fearfulness of death, but present you tin spot them celebrating that," said Miguel Torres, a tourer from Colombia whose look and lips were painted successful deathly achromatic and white.

"It's important to get to cognize caller cultures and to spot that decease is simply a caller signifier that sooner oregon aboriginal indispensable travel to everyone."

Adorned with accepted Mexican breadstuff arsenic good arsenic bananas, oranges and maize, the altars besides had pictures of the aged who had passed away. Tourists posed for photos adjacent to elephantine achromatic skulls painted with agleam flowery images.

"The skulls, the shamanic portion beneath it seems precise profound to me, it goes to the roots of what the meaning of decease is," said Dayan Melendez, a U.S. tourer from Colorado.

"For me, it's precise affectional and I deliberation we're renewing the indigenous civilization truthful it doesn't scare me."

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