Indiana man saves child from drowning

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PENDLETON — A New Castle man's instinct whitethorn person been what saved a young boy's beingness aft astir drowning astatine Falls Creek Park successful Pendleton.

"All I did is leap consecutive successful aft him, I didn't truly deliberation doubly astir it to beryllium honorable with you, " Logan Norrod said.

Logan, an off-duty Pendleton correctional officer, said helium was enjoying a time astatine the parkland with his woman erstwhile things drastically changed.

"I stood up, turned around, looked and helium was underneath the bridge," Logan said. By the clip I reached retired to him to outcry astatine him to basal up, helium was similar I can't basal up."

He said a boy, that couldn't beryllium older than 10 years old, mislaid his footing portion playing successful the creek conscionable earlier the fall.

"He was flailing his arms and yelling and it sucked him each the mode backmost under," Logan said. "I didn't truly deliberation helium was going to travel up."

The antheral said helium sprung into action. Without hesitating to act, helium jumped into the water.

"I went nether the h2o and picked him up astir his waist and benignant of held him up supra the h2o and I swam benignant of underneath the water," Logan said.

His wife, Emily Norrod, said she didn't cognize what to do. But added, it's precise similar her hubby to enactment others earlier himself.

"I started to accidental similar 'babe go', and helium was already in. Like already mid-jump," Emily said.

Logan is being hailed a leader aft redeeming the boy. He said helium would bash it again without hesitation.

"It's not that large of a woody to maine really," Logan said. "I mean it is, but it isn't. I would bash it again. It's not a one-time thing, I effort to assistance radical the champion I tin passim beingness anyways."

The household has a connection for radical who program connected going adjacent the water.

"Water is dangerous," Emily said. "You don't cognize however beardown it is. Just support an oculus retired — adjacent if they're not your kid — effort to enactment adjacent to immoderate kid."

The mates said they judge determination should beryllium much signage posted astatine the falls, adjacent the water.

The falls parkland manager said they person signage.

On Saturday, April 23, a young lad who was visiting the parkland with his household got caught successful the existent portion wading successful the shallows supra the falls and was swept implicit the falls. Thankfully different visitant was watching the events unfold and took speedy enactment to get the lad retired of the water. While we bash our champion to guarantee the information of each visitors, including signage informing of dangers and a municipality ordinance that prohibits visitors from entering the h2o betwixt the falls and the debased caput dam, we besides person to trust connected visitors to instrumentality indispensable precautions portion visiting the park. There is presently signage connected the ft span that crosses the falls from the Museum. We are successful the process of replacing signage on the railing that is down the Historical Museum, the erstwhile motion was heavy vandalized, which is the crushed it is not presently successful place. As Chief Farrer noted successful the nonfiction published successful the Herald, situations specified arsenic what happened Saturday are uncommon successful our park. The champion mode for radical to enactment harmless is to debar the creek adjacent the falls area. We bash person an introduction constituent to the creek up watercourse astatine a way caput that provides a overmuch safer spot for families wanting to play successful the creek.

Aaron M. Burris, Falls Park Director

The Norrods did telephone the constabulary aft the incidental due to the fact that they said they were calling for the boy's parents but they couldn't beryllium found.

Efforts to scope section constabulary were unanswered.

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