Iowa Police Officer Holds Onto Hood Of Car As Suspect Flees In Wild Video

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A wild new video shows the moments that a man drove off with an Iowa police officer on the hood of a car as the cop aimed his gun at the driver during a dramatic chase in March 2021.

The encounter began when Carroll, Iowa police officer Patrick McCarty saw a passenger in the car at a drive-thru and noted he had a warrant for his arrest linked to an Illinois forgery case, the Des Moines Register reported.

McCarthy’s body camera footage shows him inform the man – Dennis James Guider Jr. – of the warrant before he shoved the initial driver out of the vehicle and jumped behind the wheel.

“Stop the car, stop the fucking car,” McCarthy yelled as he pointed his gun toward Guider as he accelerated the car.

Another officer appeared to try and open the driver side door as McCarthy, who hopped on the hood of the car, continued to aim his gun at Guider.

Guider, who at one point held his hands up in the car, continued to speed ahead as McCarthy later clung onto the roof.

Guider proceeded to lead another police car – which he at one point made contact with – on a chase before McCarthy lost his hold of the car when it hit a ditch. McCarthy fell off the car and suffered a broken vertebrae in his lower back, according to the officer’s court testimony last week.

The man, in a letter to an Iowa county court clerk earlier this year, wrote that he “feared” for his life due to the officer’s actions and alleged that another officer “screamed” at McCarthy to put down his gun.

Guider, who sped off after the other police car reportedly got stuck in the ditch, allegedly stole a different car which he drove back to Illinois, according to a Carroll Times Herald report from 2021.

Guider pleaded guilty to serious injury by vehicle – a felony – while a plea agreement dismissed a felony eluding charge.

The man’s attorney asked a judge for leniency, noting that McCarthy didn’t follow training when he “stepped in front of a moving car” and caused his client to fear for his life, CBS News reported.

Guider was sentenced to up to five years in prison last week, separate from a sentence he’s serving in Illinois.

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