Iraqi family has life savings stolen in Dallas

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – They risked their lives for U.S. troops overseas, lone to beryllium victimized erstwhile they relocated to North Texas.

An Iraqi household is dejected and successful superior request of assistance aft a transgression wiped retired their beingness savings.

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Ahmed Alnajjar has commendation letters from the Army and certificates of appreciation for his enactment arsenic an interpreter and combatant during the Iraq War.

“I spilled my humor for that,” helium says, “we combat unneurotic against ISIS.”

One of his rewards was a peculiar visa that 2 months ago, allowed his household to travel to the U.S. wherever they would beryllium harmless from retaliation.

“We dream, each the people, they imagination to travel to America,” he’s says. “We travel to find that’s reality.”

Ahmed on with his woman and 2 kids brought $70,000 successful currency erstwhile they moved into a North Dallas flat adjacent Lovers and Greenville Avenue.

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Text messages past Thursday betwixt Ahmed and a slope worker discussed plans to deposit the wealth aft yet getting the due documentation.

Ahmed hid the wealth successful his SUV.

But that nighttime a thief broke into respective vehicles including theirs, and stole the family’s beingness savings.

“I cannot ideate what volition hap successful the aboriginal for my kids,” says Amel Alzubaidi, Ahmed’s wife.

With nary income oregon jobs yet, the household erstwhile again deals with fearfulness and uncertainty that they thought they had near down successful Iraq.

“I person a connection for American people,” she says, “when we were successful Iraq we risked to assistance their sons, to support their life. Now, erstwhile my kids are successful their country, they destroyed my kid’s life. I inquire them why? Why?”

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Dallas Police detectives are investigating but not acceptable to merchandise immoderate accusation astir imaginable leads oregon suspects.

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