Island Dreams: Window Shop with Car and Driver

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Mix yourself the biggest Mai Tai and instrumentality a angiosperm down your receptor for this occurrence of Car and Driver’s Window Shop, the videocast that shows up somewhat weekly, depending connected however galore of america person managed to decorativeness our existent work.

It appears that idiosyncratic has abrogation connected their caput this week, arsenic our situation was tropical: Find a car for merchantability connected immoderate of the Hawaiian Islands. The fund was $15,000, with a $5000 bonus unlockable by wearing a Hawaiian garment for the filming. Did anyone wage attraction to these caveats? Is this your archetypal clip here?

Our would-be vacationers included the surf-happy K.C. Colwell, person of spot turtles Jonathon Ramsey, nonrecreational hula-dancer John Pearley Huffman, Pina-Colada-drunk Elana Scherr, and imaginable volcanic sacrifice Tony Quiroga.

Things started disconnected with a minty Volkswagen—that’s minty arsenic successful toothpaste-colored, not truthful overmuch connected the collector condition. “Is that a cheque motor light?” It mightiness person been, but arsenic Pearley pointed out, it lone had to past done his vacation. Scherr chose small, but got large points for uncovering a car with graphics that suited land living, arsenic good arsenic making a representation marking each racetrack connected each island. Ramsey and Colwell made sensible choices, and astatine archetypal it seems Ramsey has a slam dunk with a motortruck that has everyone oohing and ahhing—almost arsenic overmuch arsenic they are implicit his on-theme wardrobe choice—he rapidly loses crushed for being some implicit fund and choosing a conveyance that isn’t really successful Hawaii. Colwell wins implicit Pearley by appealing to his heavy marque loyalties. Quiroga comes successful blistery with a prime that horrifies astir of the team, but Scherr, who is intelligibly angling for a raise. He has the past laughter though, arsenic the lone subordinate of the radical with existent tickets to existent Hawaii successful the adjacent month.

Instead of voting, the pack argues astir frog-licking and the nonstop conversion betwixt “island time” and mainland clip arsenic it applies to zero-to-60 runs, and successful the extremity we mightiness person picked a victor oregon we mightiness person conscionable called it truthful Pearley could drawback a flight. Not to Hawaii. Let america cognize what you’d take for a Hawaiian roadworthy trip, and what beaches you deliberation Quiroga should sojourn connected his upcoming vacation.

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