Israeli Army's Investigation Finds 'High Possibility' Soldier Killed Al Jazeera Reporter

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JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli service said Monday determination was a “high possibility” that a worker killed a well-known Al Jazeera writer successful May, arsenic it announced the results of its probe into the killing. But it said the shooting was accidental and nary 1 would beryllium punished.

Shireen Abu Akleh was killed successful May portion covering Israeli subject raids successful the occupied West Bank. The Palestinians blamed Israel for the killing. Israel initially said she whitethorn person been killed by militant fire, but aboriginal said a worker whitethorn person deed her by mistake during an speech of fire.

Abu Akleh, a Palestinian-American journalist, had covered the West Bank for the outer transmission for 2 decades and was known crossed the Arab world.

In a briefing to reporters, a elder subject authoritative said the subject could not conclusively find wherever the occurrence emanated from, saying determination whitethorn person been Palestinian gunmen successful the aforesaid country arsenic the Israeli soldier. But helium said the worker changeable the writer “with precise precocious likelihood” and did truthful by mistake. The authoritative did not explicate wherefore witnesser accounts and videos showed constricted militant enactment successful the area, arsenic good arsenic nary gunfire successful the vicinity until the barrage that struck Abu Akleh and wounded different reporter.

“He misidentified her,” the authoritative said, speaking connected information of anonymity nether subject briefing guidelines. “His reports successful existent time...absolutely constituent to a misidentification.”

The results of the probe, announced astir 4 months aft the killing, mostly align with those of respective autarkic investigations completed overmuch earlier.

Abu Akleh’s household criticized the investigation, saying the service “tried to obscure the information and debar responsibility” for the killing.

“Our household is not amazed by this result since it’s evident to anyone that Israeli warfare criminals cannot analyse their ain crimes. However, we stay profoundly hurt, frustrated and disappointed,” they said successful a statement. The household besides reiterated its telephone for an autarkic U.S. probe and a probe by the International Criminal Court.

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