James Cameron says 'Avatar 2' is 'more emotional' than the original

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'Avatar' soars backmost into theaters

CNN  — 

James Cameron has h2o connected the brain.

Not literally, conscionable his emotion for the ocean.

It’s evident successful his forthcoming film, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” the sequel to his Oscar-winning deed 2009 film.

Cameron spoke to CNN’s Jason Carroll astir however the movie, which volition debut successful theaters successful December, is antithetic from the original.

“I deliberation it’s precise emotional,” Cameron said of the sequel. “I deliberation it’s much affectional than the archetypal film. I deliberation it focuses much connected quality and narration dynamics than the archetypal movie did, but it decidedly delivers connected the spectacle.”

“Avatar” is being rereleased successful theaters Friday, and Cameron said helium was excited for it.

“There’s a full procreation that person lone been capable to spot it connected streaming, oregon bluish ray if radical adjacent inactive bash that, truthful it was breathtaking imaginable to get radical backmost into the theater,” Cameron said. “And present its much timely past ever due to the fact that theaters person taken specified a beating implicit the past mates of years.”

He is, of course, referring to the mode movie theaters person struggled during the pandemic.

“Avatar” is the highest grossing movie of each time, having raked successful much than $2.8 cardinal astatine the container office. Entertainment manufacture observers are watching intimately to spot if Cameron’s sequel tin gully radical backmost to Pandora – and into theaters – erstwhile again.

“We’ve banked a batch connected this thought of a franchise oregon a saga that plays retired implicit aggregate films and the movie itself is precise costly to make. And truthful portion we whitethorn marque a batch of money, we whitethorn not beryllium profitable and you don’t bash thing that’s not profitable for precise long,” Cameron said.

The caller movie is inspired by the director’s fascination with water life.

“I emotion the oceans,” helium said. “I’ve been passionate astir the water earlier I adjacent met an ocean. I learned to scuba dive successful agrarian Canada.”

The actors successful “Avatar: The Way of Water” had to accommodate to acting underwater and helium said that aft training, stars Kate Winslet and Sigourney Weaver were capable to clasp their enactment for up to six oregon 7 minutes.

Revisiting the fictional Na’vi successful a caller communicative has been a thrill for Cameron, adjacent arsenic helium continues to observe the archetypal film.

“‘Avatar’ was a unsocial beast astatine its clip due to the fact that it acceptable retired to make a satellite and past you unrecorded wrong that world,” helium said. “We ne'er backed disconnected the throttle the full time.”

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