Jamie Foxx Shares How He Convinced Cameron Diaz To End Her Hollywood Retirement

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Fans tin thank Jamie Foxx for successfully convincing Cameron Diaz to instrumentality to the movie manufacture aft an eight-year hiatus.

The 2 actors are acceptable to prima successful the the forthcoming Netflix comedy, “Back successful Action.” It’ll beryllium their 3rd movie unneurotic aft 1999’s “Any Given Sunday” and 2014’s “Annie.”

In a caller interview, Foxx explained however helium persuaded Diaz ― who hasn’t appeared on-screen since “Annie” ― to motion connected for his caller project.

“Cameron is specified an unthinkable unit and she has done truthful overmuch successful this business,” helium told Entertainment Tonight Thursday. “We emotion her. We had to beryllium precise innovative successful however we, you know, brought her back.”

The pitch, Foxx explained, was simple. He told Diaz: “‘Do you wanna person immoderate fun? Just person immoderate fun!’ And I deliberation that’s what brought her to it.”

Diaz formally announced her retirement from acting successful 2018. Much of her clip retired of the spotlight has been focused connected wellness and biotech startups. In 2020, she and hubby Benji Madden welcomed a daughter, Raddix.

That aforesaid year, she launched an integrated vino brand, Avaline, with concern spouse Katherine Power.

Jamie Foxx (left) and Cameron Diaz successful  2014.
Jamie Foxx (left) and Cameron Diaz successful 2014.

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

The prima of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “There’s Something About Mary” told Harper’s Bazaar in April that she felt astatine bid with her decision.

“My beingness is conscionable wholly antithetic than erstwhile I was making movies,” she said. “A batch little travel, a batch much sleep, my skin’s clearer due to the fact that I don’t person truthful overmuch constitution connected each the time.”

By June, however, Foxx confirmed Diaz’s “Back successful Action” casting with a quirky video posted to his societal media accounts. In it, helium tin beryllium heard connecting Diaz to NFL superstar Tom Brady, who announced his retirement from nonrecreational shot earlier this twelvemonth lone to rejoin the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40 days later.

“I’m comparatively palmy astatine un-retiring,” Brady quipped successful the clip.

Though details connected “Back successful Action” are frankincense acold scarce, the movie volition beryllium directed by Seth Gordon, whose credits see 2008’s “Four Christmases” and 2011’s “Horrible Bosses.” A merchandise day has not been announced.

Of Diaz’s instrumentality from retirement, Foxx told ET, “We miss peculiar moments sometimes, successful our business, and I deliberation this is simply a peculiar moment. So we’re truthful blessed that it’s happening and looking guardant to it.”

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