Jane Fonda Reveals Cancer Diagnosis, Chemo Treatments

3 weeks ago 68

Jane Fonda revealed Friday that she has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and is undergoing six months of chemotherapy treatment.

In a social media post, the 84-year-old Oscar-winning histrion struck a determined code and pledged to proceed being her accustomed aforesaid ― including successful her advocacy work.

“So, my beloved friends, I person thing idiosyncratic I privation to share. I’ve been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and person started chemo treatments,” she wrote. “This is simply a precise treatable cancer. 80% of radical survive, truthful I consciousness precise lucky.”

“I’m doing chemo for 6 months and americium handling the treatments rather well,” she added. “And, judge me, I volition not fto immoderate of this interfere with my clime activism.”

Fonda said with immoderate irony that pesticides, galore of which are fossil fuel-based, are a apt origin of her peculiar cancer.

The histrion besides expressed heavy gratitude for having entree to prime wellness attraction and the means to wage for it — a privilege that galore lack.

“I americium privileged successful this,” she wrote, acknowledging that crab affects “almost each household successful America ... astatine 1 clip oregon another.”

Fonda closed with a telephone to enactment arsenic she reflected connected what she believes to beryllium “the astir consequential clip successful quality history.”

“The midterms are looming,” she wrote, “and they are beyond consequential truthful you tin number connected maine to beryllium close determination unneurotic with you arsenic we turn our service of clime champions.”

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