January 6 committee sends letters to 3 more GOP House members seeking information

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(CNN)The House prime committee investigating the January 6 Capitol Hill insurrection sent letters Monday to 3 further Republican congressmen, asking that they voluntarily cooperate with the ongoing probe.

The 3 GOP lawmakers who received letters are: Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona, Mo Brooks of Alabama and Ronny Jackson of Texas. The committee has antecedently sent letters to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, arsenic good arsenic Reps. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Jim Jordan of Ohio.

"The Select Committee has learned that respective of our colleagues person accusation applicable to our probe into the facts, circumstances, and causes of January 6th. As we enactment to supply answers to the American radical astir that day, we see it a patriotic work for each witnesses to cooperate," Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, and Vice Chairwoman Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, said successful a statement.

    The committee said it is seeking accusation from members who "participated successful meetings astatine the White House and had nonstop conversations with President Trump starring up to and during the onslaught connected the Capitol."

      The sheet is besides seeking accusation from those "who were progressive successful the readying and coordination of rallies connected and earlier January 6th."

      "We impulse our colleagues to articulation the hundreds of individuals who person shared accusation with the Select Committee to get to the bottommost of what happened connected January 6th," Thompson and Cheney said successful the statement.

      Andy Biggs

        In its missive to Biggs, the committee writes that it is "aware of your information successful definite readying meetings, some successful idiosyncratic astatine the White House and remotely, regarding assorted aspects of readying for January 6th."

        The sheet refers to a White House gathering connected December 21, 2020, wherever Biggs and different members of the House Freedom Caucus were successful attendance.

        "Testimony received by the Select Committee suggests that the treatment that time (and successful consequent meetings) addressed, among different things, a program that Vice President Pence, arsenic the presiding serviceman of the associated league connected January 6th, would unilaterally garbage to number definite states' certified electoral votes," the missive reads.

        It besides notes the caller sentiment by a national justice successful California which said it is "more apt than not" that erstwhile President Donald Trump committed a crime.

        The missive goes connected to accidental that the committee wants to recognize "precisely" what Biggs knew earlier the unit connected January 6, 2021, "about the purposes, planning, and expectations for the march connected the Capitol."

        The committee notes that rally organizer Ali Alexander has said publically that he, Biggs and different Freedom Caucus members discussed the thought of bringing protesters to Washington, DC, for January 6.

        The missive past notes that it is successful possession of communications betwixt Biggs and erstwhile White House main of unit Mark Meadows that rise questions astir "your efforts to transportation authorities legislators and officials that the 2020 predetermination was stolen and/or to question assistance from those individuals successful President Trump's efforts to overturn the election."

        Lastly, the committee says that "recent accusation from erstwhile White House unit has identified an effort by definite House Republicans aft January 6th to question a statesmanlike pardon for activities taken successful transportation with President Trump's efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 statesmanlike election."

        "Your sanction was identified arsenic a imaginable subordinate successful that effort," the missive reads.

        Mo Brooks

        The committee is reaching retired to Brooks aft helium precocious revealed that Trump had repeatedly asked him to enactment to rescind the 2020 election, and region Joe Biden from office.

        "The speech you person disclosed with the erstwhile President is straight applicable to the taxable of our inquiry, and it appears to supply further grounds of President Trump's intent to reconstruct himself to powerfulness done unlawful means" the sheet writes.

        Ronny Jackson

        The sheet besides wants to talk to Jackson astir his connections with the Oath Keepers, aft substance messages revealed that the radical was trying to support him portion helium was astatine the Capitol connected January 6. Members of the group, including its person Steward Rhodes person been charged with seditious conspiracy. Jackson was besides astatine the rally connected the Ellipse connected January 6 that preceded the riot astatine the Capitol.

        "Ronnie Jackson (TX) bureau wrong Capitol—he needs [Oath Keeper] help. Anyone inside," 1 connection reads.

        Another connection from an Oath Keeper revealed that Jackson had "critical information to protect."

          The committee writes successful its missive to Jackson that the substance messages "raise respective circumstantial questions" that they privation answered.

          This communicative has been updated with further developments Monday.

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