Jared Kushner Dismisses Trump's Top-Secret Document Stash As 'Paperwork' Issue

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Former White House elder adjutant Jared Kushner dismissed his father-in-law’s existent troubles with top-secret documents arsenic a specified “paperwork issue” connected Friday.

Last month, the FBI confiscated boxes of documents from erstwhile President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago location and resort, including apical concealed information. Everything was expected to spell straight to the National Archives aft Trump near office, nether the requirements of the Presidential Records Act. Trump is present nether probe for possible violations of the Espionage Act.

Yet Kushner calmly shrugged disconnected Trump’s stash of documents and the important information hazard it posed successful an interrogation with Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News.

“Why did the president instrumentality location apical concealed documents?” Sky News big Kay Burley grilled Kushner.

“You person to inquire him that question,” Kushner responded. “But what I volition accidental is that ... helium was nether changeless attack,” helium added.

“Yeah, but helium took apical concealed documents home, perchance risking the information of the United States,” Burley changeable back.

Kushner replied: “This seems similar it’s an contented of paperwork that should’ve been capable to beryllium worked retired betwixt DOJ and [Trump]. I don’t cognize what helium took oregon what helium didn’t take, but I deliberation close present that we’re relying connected leaks to the media.”

The accusation astir what Trump was storing astatine Mar-a-Lago isn’t coming from media leaks. The Justice Department, successful fact, has released a elaborate list of documents pulled from his home.

Trump hasn’t denied that those records were stashed astatine Mar-a-Lago. Court filings show that authorities officials had been attempting to cod the documents from him for good implicit a year.

Burley reminded Kushner that 1 of the pieces of grounds was a photograph of respective documents marked classified and top-secret connected the level astatine Mar-a-Lago.

“We’ve seen the photo, haven’t we, wherever it says ‘Top Secret’?” Burley asked. She wondered if Kushner was suggesting that radical “wait and see” if the documents were apical concealed “even though we’re being told by the FBI that they were?”

Kushner answered: “This whitethorn beryllium a paperwork issue. I don’t know; similar I said, I haven’t been progressive successful the details of it.”

Kushner landed successful the blistery spot with Sky portion plugging his upcoming book, “Breaking History: A White House Memoir.”

He besides noted successful the interrogation that Trump is “obviously thinking” astir different tally for the presidency. Kushner said, however, that helium would not enactment successful different Trump medication due to the fact that he’s “enjoying the backstage sector” truthful much.

Watch the afloat interrogation below:

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