Jason Momoa Shaved His Head To Raise Awareness Of Plastics Pollution

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Jason Momoa marked the unofficial commencement of autumn this week by unveiling a striking caller look.

The “Aquaman” prima shared a video on Instagram Tuesday successful which helium tin beryllium seen buzzing disconnected his shoulder-length hair. “I’ve ne'er adjacent felt the upwind close there,” helium quipped, holding up his shorn braids to the camera.

But Momoa’s hairsbreadth translation had a much superior purpose — the histrion is hoping to rise consciousness astir the environmental toll of single-use plastics. Momoa, who was calved successful Hawaii, said helium was startled aft witnessing the “sad” magnitude of discarded successful the water surrounding his location state.

“I’m bushed of these integrative bottles,” helium explained. “We gotta stop. Plastic forks, each that shit, conscionable goes into our land, goes into our ocean.”

Momoa, who successful 2019 shaved disconnected his beard for the aforesaid cause, suggested that fans opt for reusable canteens and aluminum alternatives successful lieu of integrative bottles.

In the caption accompanying the video, helium vowed to “be amended astatine protecting our onshore and oceans.”

Researchers estimation that astir 19 cardinal pounds of integrative waste participate the world’s oceans annually, making it the No. 1 benignant of trash recovered successful the sea.

In a 2017 interview, biology technologist Jenna Jambeck told HuffPost that this fig was connected way to treble by 2025 unless caller measures to stem the garbage were implemented globally.

Momoa’s caller ’do arrives conscionable weeks aft the 3rd play of his Apple TV+ series, “See,” was unveiled. Last month, helium walked the reddish carpet astatine the show’s Los Angeles premiere with his signature locks intact.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight successful August, helium said the relation of Baba Voss gave him the accidental to play a begetter onscreen for the archetypal time.

“Obviously I’m a father, and household man,” said Momoa, who shares 2 children with erstwhile spouse Lisa Bonet. “I didn’t person the accidental to play a dada successful a bid earlier ... I emotion having a afloat arc.”

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