Jazz Jennings, transgender reality star, grapples with weight gain in new season

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(CNN)A archetypal look astatine the caller play of the TLC world amusement "I Am Jazz" includes the transgender activist's conflict with value gain.

In the video featured connected TLC's YouTube channel, Jazz Jennings, 21, reveals that her intelligence wellness issues led to binge eating and value summation of astir 100 pounds.

"Having each this other weight, I can't bash truthful galore things with my assemblage that I utilized to beryllium capable to do, "Jennings says successful the video.

    That besides leads to immoderate difficulties with her family.

      "I bash acquisition abdominous shaming from my family," Jennings says. "It makes maine consciousness truly humiliated."

      In the trailer, her grandmother, Jacky, upon proceeding Jazz accidental that her emblematic meal consists of accelerated food, "maybe a donut oregon 2 and past possibly 2 bagels" said "I don't justice her by that, I'm conscionable shocked."

      "Even erstwhile we deliberation we're doing thing right, she falls disconnected the wagon," Jazz Jennings' parent Jeanette says.

        The first-look besides includes her parents sharing their interest astir however Jennings volition modulation to attending Harvard, and a country with her brother, Sander, going connected his archetypal ceremonial day with a transgender woman.

        "I Am Jazz" play 7 premieres astatine 9 p.m. EST November 30 connected TLC.

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