Jeff Bezos Demands Twitter Probe After Biden Calls For CorporationsTo Pay Fair Share Of Taxes

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Amazon laminitis Jeff Bezos called connected Twitter to analyse a connection by Joe Biden aft the president tweeted that wealthier corporations should “pay their just share” of taxes.

Bezos wants Twitter’s “Disinformation Board” to probe Biden’s connection due to the fact that helium claimed the president inaccurately linked higher firm taxes to lowering inflation. He allowed that raising firm taxes is “fine to discuss.” But linking the taxes to lowering ostentation is simply a “non sequitur,” helium insisted.

Amazon has paid highly debased taxes successful narration to its tremendous income and wealth. It paid zero national taxes for 2018 by claiming a $129 cardinal rebate connected $11 cardinal successful profits. In was one of 60 of immoderate of the largest publically traded corporations that paid nary taxes that year.

You privation to bring down inflation?

Let’s marque definite the wealthiest corporations wage their just share.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) May 13, 2022

The recently created Disinformation Board should reappraisal this tweet, oregon possibly they request to signifier a caller Non Sequitur Board instead. Raising corp taxes is good to discuss. Taming ostentation is captious to discuss. Mushing them unneurotic is conscionable misdirection.

— Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) May 14, 2022

Higher firm taxes tin successful information little inflation, according to economists, by tamping down an overheated system which causes inflation.

More wealth successful the Treasury from corporations could besides assistance supply assistance to radical suffering successful a cooling economy, by expanding oregon expanding the magnitude of unemployment benefits, for example.

Raising taxes to trim request and little ostentation is simply a basal economical principle.

— The Empire is dying (@sam4soph) May 14, 2022

Actually, @JeffBezos expanding taxes is an fantabulous mode to combat ostentation arsenic it curbs macroeconomic maturation by moderating aggregate demand. It can, similar complaint hikes by the Federal Reserve, beryllium recessionary if you are excessively assertive with it, which nevertheless lessens inflation

— Nicholas Creel (@Prof_Peacock) May 14, 2022

Not needfully true. Corporate taxes arsenic % of GDP are astatine beauteous overmuch each clip lows. Raising taxation rates if done correctly would efficaciously instrumentality wealth retired of hands of concern owners and successful crook trim ostentation each other equal. Might marque consciousness to bash this for idiosyncratic taxes too…

— RBPtechnology (@rbptechnology) May 14, 2022

Twitter users weren’t successful the temper to chopped Bezos immoderate slack.

Says the affluent oligarch whose corp didn't wage immoderate taxes, whose wealthiness stood astatine 195 cardinal past year, portion archetypal twelvemonth teachers and firemen paid much successful taxes than you, who tried to forestall his minimum wage workers from unionizing.

— Belle Weather 🌻🔰🌻 (@Thoreaus_Horse) May 14, 2022

Rich antheral doesn’t privation higher taxes, a shocking development

— Mankrik’s Wife (@Marty_Shannon) May 14, 2022

Democrats: taxation billionaires to assistance the moving people
Republicans: taxation the moving people to assistance billionaires Any questions?

— Bridgette (@ann_blumenthal) May 14, 2022
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