Jennifer Lopez Unveils 'Commitment' Tattoos With Ben Affleck For Valentine's Day

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck aren’t playing around this time — and just got complementary tattoos to prove it.

The stars celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple with some new ink suggesting their love was just as permanent. Lopez went for “Ben” and “Jennifer” written in cursive script, along an infinity symbol. Affleck opted for arrows and initials.

Lopez unveiled the new body art Tuesday with an Instagram caption celebrating “commitment.” She kept things short, wishing her husband a happy Valentine’s Day and telling fans that details about their ink would be chronicled in her upcoming “On The JLo” newsletter.

The couple spent decades apart after their 2002 engagement and highly publicized breakup days before their planned wedding. Lopez notably included a few pictures from their past on Tuesday, as well as a few more recent images of their new lives together.

One photo recreated an iconic moment from her 2002 music video for “Jenny from the Block” in which Affleck vigorously rubs her butt. Two photos from their first relationship vividly captured their joyful reunion. They were married last summer.

“Once we got whole enough and complete enough and loved ourselves enough and could stand on our own two feet really completely, as the universe would have it, we were brought into each other’s lives again,” Lopez recently told Zane Lowe from Apple Music 1.

In the end, it appears that all of the “Sad Affleck” memes in the world couldn’t stop them.

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