'Jeopardy!' Makes A Spelling Error And Fans Gleefully Pounce On It

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Jeopardy!” is human, too, it seems.

The sometimes-persnickety crippled amusement made a spelling mistake connected Wednesday’s episode, and fans razzed the quiz programme for it.

In Final Jeopardy, the 19th Century Literature hint graphic read: “This writer archetypal thought of a parrot earlier choosing different vertebrate ‘equallly susceptible of speech.’” The close effect was Edgar Allan Poe, but galore viewers fixated connected the other “l” successful equally.

The crippled amusement cleaned up the goof successful its YouTube clip of Final Jeopardy, successful which Jeff Weinstock unseated six-day champ Megan Wachspress. Viewers, however, were already poking amusive astatine the blunder.

feeling truthful astute contiguous due to the fact that one myself noticed the spelling mistake successful last #Jeopardy

— gillian stoltz (@gillian_stoltz) June 22, 2022

Dear Jeopardy: SPELLING $200;
Equallly. Sorry, incorrect answer.

— William Har🇺🇦 (@William96506545) June 23, 2022

I conscionable came present to spot radical speech much smack astir Megan and rejoice successful her defeat. Mentioning the typo successful Final Jeopardy! was the bonus I didn’t expect.
Jeopardy fans are super-critical. Pity. 😏#jeopardy pic.twitter.com/C1FS7nAFtM

— Am_The_PoeTress (@aM_The_PoeTress) June 22, 2022
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