Jessica Simpson celebrates four years of sobriety

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(CNN)Jessica Simpson is celebrating a large milestone.

The vocalist and entrepreneur connected Monday shared a throwback photograph of herself connected Instagram to people 4 years of being sober.

"This idiosyncratic successful the aboriginal greeting of Nov 1, 2017 is an unrecognizable mentation of myself. I had truthful overmuch aforesaid find to unlock and explore. I knew successful this precise infinitesimal I would let myself to instrumentality backmost my light, amusement triumph implicit my interior conflict of aforesaid respect, and brave this satellite with piercing clarity," she wrote. "Personally, to bash this I needed to halt drinking intoxicant due to the fact that it kept my caput and bosom circling successful the aforesaid absorption and rather honestly I was exhausted."

    Simpson, who past twelvemonth inked a lucrative multimedia woody with Amazon Studios, added that she has travel to a spot wherever she is "wildly honorable and comfortably open."

      "There is truthful overmuch stigma astir the connection alcoholism oregon the statement of an alcoholic," she said. "The existent enactment that needed to beryllium done successful my beingness was to really judge failure, pain, brokenness, and aforesaid sabotage. The drinking wasn't the issue. I was. I didn't emotion myself. I didn't respect my ain power. Today I do."

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