Jimmy Fallon Blasts Trump For His Needy Seat Demands At Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

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Jimmy Fallon slammed erstwhile President Donald Trump for bragging astir wherever helium would’ve sat during Queen Elizabeth II’s ceremonial connected Monday ― had helium been invited.

On Tuesday, “The Tonight Show” big brought up the erstwhile president’s assertion that helium wouldn’t person sat successful the 14th row, wherever President Joe Biden sat, during the British monarch’s ceremonial connected Monday.

“No respect! However, a bully clip for our President to get to cognize the leaders of definite Third World countries. If I were president, they wouldn’t person sat maine backmost there...” Trump wrote connected Truth Social.

According to reports, the seating statement was owed to Biden and archetypal woman Jill Biden’s aboriginal accomplishment to Westminster Abbey pursuing postulation hiccups successful London.

Fallon joked that Trump wanted 1 of the closest views you tin get astatine a funeral.

“At funerals, Trump demands to beryllium seated close connected apical of the coffin oregon helium won’t amusement up. I don’t attraction if it’s unfastened oregon closed,” Fallon said.

Fallon besides quipped astir Trump’s assertion that “LOCATION IS EVERYTHING” successful his phantasy astir having a amended spot than Biden.

“Biden was like, ‘He’s right. Whether it’s funerals oregon classified documents, determination is everything,’” Fallon said.

Watch Fallon’s afloat monologue from Tuesday below:

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